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Thread: Adobe reader close by DEP when directed to print

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    Adobe reader close by DEP when directed to print

    Running Windows XP Home Edition form 2002 Service Pack 3 and have had an extended standing situation with the information execution aversion shutting Adobe book fan when I attempt to print the document-I get the lapse inform that-To help ensure your PC, Windows has shut this system-then I head off to the alteration settings box-Check: turn on DEP for all projects and utilities aside from those I select: tick the Adobe book lover box, then alright, and good again, but still won’t work. Have restarted the PC to verify the settings have taken but still DEP closes adobe. Moreover proposes identifying an a la mode form of adobe (dep perfect) but have not been fit to spot one. The adaptation of Adobe bookworm that I am running is the most cutting edge form as I have uninstalled the old and downloaded the newfangled to have the same happening. Suppose I have overlaid every little item-any suggestions?

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    re: Adobe reader close by DEP when directed to print

    I have uninstalled adobe reader-restarted-and downloaded the foxit product. Opened and saw my report but when I attempted to print I had an additional error inform-Foxit book fan has contacted a situation and should close.

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    re: Adobe reader close by DEP when directed to print

    That would be regularly an indication of a buggy driver. Update it, and chances are the situation will go distant. Dumping Adobe Acrobat Reader for Foxit or one of the others is in addition a magnificent plan, however in and of itself, unlikely to solve your issue.

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    re: Adobe reader close by DEP when directed to print

    Recall that the Video Driver is in addition utilized to render parts to be printed. This is why we would like to see late society attempting to introduce windows XP. Well, that would be not totally certain. I'd love people to study how regretful it would be able to get to instate Windows from those dim days. I think over when it worked and about-face to the drivers for both printer and film that worked back then.

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    re: Adobe reader close by DEP when directed to print

    In light of the fact that it happens when you run to print, beginning with your printer driver could be an exceptional put to begin.

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