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Thread: Adobe Edge on Linux

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    Adobe Edge on Linux

    I read somewhere that the new version of this Adobe edge is now available but I am waiting the Linux version of this edge software. Previously i use it on windows 7. Any information will be appreciated.

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    Re: Adobe Edge on Linux

    The launch of Adobe Edge, a HTML5 web motion and design tool has to be made on the Linux system. I don’t think so that such linux based edge version available. All linux fans that would like to have this HTML5 tool that actually can’t able to use any windows GUI based applications on the linux system.

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    Re: Adobe Edge on Linux

    For your information there is already some version available. I read in some article that the official Adobe application support on Linux. Then I am not sure but you need to check such issue by trying such things. You need to first download the adobe edge software on the official site. Then try to insert and install it onto your Linux system. This will be helping to you for solving your complicated problem. This is the way that can be help to find out that such things are really happen or not.

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    Re: Adobe Edge on Linux

    Last one year I work on the Linux system and I also want such type of facility. Then I personally contact the official site expert. The expert of this adobe edge software told me that there is no such kind of linux version available on the market. They told me that in the future there will be possibility that the developer of this adobe might be launching this linux based adobe edge software.

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