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Thread: How to Write Equations in Microsoft Word 2010

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    How to Write Equations in Microsoft Word 2010

    Previously I was using MS- word 2007, but now I wish to use the latest version of Microsoft Word 2010, so I need some information toward this application I need information about how to create an equation in Microsoft Word 2010, I have searched various sites and even I have read eBook for this but not get that much of information, so guys if you have some knowledge about this topic please suggest that for me.

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    Re: How to Write Equations in Microsoft Word 2010

    Updating and expansion of the Equation Editor is the newest feature of Word 2010 is simple by using Equation Editor. So if you wish to use the Equation Editor click the main ribbon tab and find the Equation Editor. So at Equation editor you can directly click on that or simply you can click the arrow pointing toward down side, by clicking on that you get the inbuilt equation list from where you can select any of the equation as per your requirement and simply insert that in your document.

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    Re: How to Write Equations in Microsoft Word 2010

    With the available tools for equation you can able to create equation for your need, but if you wish then you can take the other process of creating equation manually by selecting equation tab. When you select that option you find at the top of the screen one tab say ‘Equation Tools’ menu appeared towards the right hand side. As you click on that the list of available symbols appeared for you to use and also one ‘equation editing box’ will appeared where you can create your own equation.

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    Re: How to Write Equations in Microsoft Word 2010

    There are the necessary tools available in this latest version as similar present in the last version you have used, there no much more different procedure to create the equation in this version also, if you are familiar with the Microsoft word 2007 then there is no more difficulty you are going to face for creating the equation. You just try out it’s very simple to create equation in Microsoft 2010. You no longer need to panic that it will take the vast amount of moment or effort to get it completed.

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