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Thread: How to install email program in Windows 7

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    How to install email program in Windows 7

    Whenever I try to send any mail or something I got the warning message and finally I fail to send the mail or file to my contacts, so is there any application needed to install on my Computers or whether it is the server problems, if I need to install some email program then what steps should I follow to do this? Please do the reply as soon as possible because lots of works are pending due to these problems.

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    Re: How to install email program in Windows 7

    Windows 7 don’t have the default email program for their users as Windows oldest version do, so you have to do this manually by downloading them, The latest running items for email program purpose is Windows live and Thunder bird you can make use any one of them. You can have them to install on your Computer by downloading them from their official site.

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    Re: How to install email program in Windows 7

    It’s all depends on the client type you are using out of this Windows mail, thunder birds or Outlook 2007 or something other than that. Download any one. And then set that as the default client now you can access your email id to read and send mail to others in IE. You have to be logged in administrator to execute these methods. First take the look for the default program what is your system using for ordinary actions like sending e-mail and browsing the web. Or else you can make the use of the web based admission to Hotmail.

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    Re: How to install email program in Windows 7

    Go to windows side and create your personal Windows Live account and you can able to access your Windows Mail by there. Or unlock the start menu and type 'essentials’ marks on the primary item that come up try to get online to get the essential account from there you can able to install the windows mail program and also you can load others application like messenger.

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