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Thread: Dock showing a blue light under the Finder application

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    Dock showing a blue light under the Finder application

    We all know that dock is a graphical user interface element that works on Mac OS X. now I have faced some uncommon problem which is related to this dock. This dock showing a blue light under the Finder app. I use this finder application as a default file manager which helps to overall user-management of files, disks, network volumes and the launching of other applications. I don’t know why this light has been come on this application. I need solution to solve this problem. Thanks in advance.

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    re: Dock showing a blue light under the Finder application

    The Finder app stays on continuously. It cannot be quit, because the Finder is always active. You need to quit a Finder application from the dock by right-clicking the icon and selecting "quit". This might be work and in the result you can able to fix this problem. Hence use this technique and then see what happen on your system. It works without any problem on this Mac system. Then try this and see the performance of the application.

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    re: Dock showing a blue light under the Finder application

    The information you received about the light under Finder was accurate. It possible that it makes some problem such as automatically restarts and you can't stop that. Finder is always open by design and so it always has a blue light. It also displays the files on your desktop and does a number of other things. Finder can't be closed. Hence I must tell you that this is not an major issue. It happen number of times without facing any problem.

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    re: Dock showing a blue light under the Finder application

    The Dock is the bar of icons that sits at the bottom or side of your screen. It provides easy access to some of the Apple applications on your Mac. You need to go to your home and then open the library. After that you need to find the,, and files on this system. Then you need to move founded file to the desktop, restart your Mac. I hope this will be work and it will be solve your problem.

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    re: Dock showing a blue light under the Finder application

    Sometimes you want to see where your open application is stored on the hard drive. You might want to change the location or copy the file or find a related file quickly. The similar kind of task performed on above article. This is the best and it really help to solve the problem of this blue light problem onto the Finder app. Try this type of file relocation process and I think this process will might be solve your problem.

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    re: Dock showing a blue light under the Finder application

    The blue lights indicate whether an application is running or not. You need to find out that the finder application installed on this system has been properly work or not. It might be help to you for solving the problem. This is the best way that I can think to remove such kind of problem onto this application. If this application not work very well then you need to use either reinstall or update strategy. Both are helpful to solve application problem.

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    re: Dock showing a blue light under the Finder application

    Yep, this kind of problem will be indicate that something has been gone in the wrong way and hence you need to remove such troubles from your system. Normally the problem is to be solved using the reinstall or the update strategy. Hence if you really think that the application wouldn’t work correctly then solve this problem. Otherwise just necessary to use the official expert help and solve this type of complicated problem.

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