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Thread: Best Download manager as IDM for Mac OS

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    Best Download manager as IDM for Mac OS

    Last three days, I couldn’t find a single downloader for Mac so please suggest some which is similar to IDM. On Windows I used to use Internet Download Manager. It works superb without giving any kind of trouble on this system. I have not good knowledge about this Mac OS X. I install this os in the last week and now I want suitable downloader for this system. Any type of help for solving this problem will be appreciated.

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    Re: Best Download manager as IDM for Mac OS

    Folx is a free download manager for Mac OS X. there are multiple advantage of this software over the Mac and they are easy management, very clean and familiar UI, tags feature, and the ability to pause and resume at any point. It is easy-to-use, not overloaded with unnecessary features. It conveys such handy features as divide downloads in up to 10 threads which accelerate the download process. Hence buy this on official site and see its performance.

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    Re: Best Download manager as IDM for Mac OS

    If your system contains Mac OS X system then the JDownloader is the best software for this system. You need to immediately download this software and then follow the correct process to do this installation part. It is open source, platform independent, and writes entirely in Java language. If you're a big user of or, then JDownloader might assist you run and classify download in a far more suitable and quicker manner.

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    Re: Best Download manager as IDM for Mac OS

    Personally I don't use any of them. I have found them to be basically worthless. I think you need to first check the compatibility of this software with the related system specification. It works and then you can able to avoid the compatibility as well as unnecessary error messages. Hence I m,ust suggest you to first confirm that the software is really compatible with the system or not and then install it onto it. Otherwise it makes many kind of problem.

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    Re: Best Download manager as IDM for Mac OS

    Folx can split your downloads in multiple threads, thus it is much faster. If you use Folx PRO as a torrent client you don't have to browse through multiple torrent trackers searching for particular file. There is an inbuilt features present on this software and I think you can able to do this task without facing any kind of problem on this Mac OS X system. I also use this software on Mac OS X. Hence use this and it really helps you to solve the problem.

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    Re: Best Download manager as IDM for Mac OS

    JDownloader is a perfect program for free & Premium Downloading from many file-sharing servers across globe. The best for downloading large files is speed download. The JDownloader is to be capable of break and continuing downloads yet later than reboots. I also used this JDownloader in last two weeks and I haven’t faced any problem on this software. The downloading speed is much higher than other application.

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