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Thread: Word 2010 hyperlink display

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    Word 2010 hyperlink display

    Hello all, I hope someone will be able to help...

    All of a sudden my Word 2010 started displaying hyperlinks within text like this:

    ... by immunohistochemical stains ({HYPERLINK \l "TAB_24_1"}). Some pituitary ...

    instead of this:

    ... by immunohistochemical stains (Table 24-1). Some pituitary...

    I also noted that with that I am not able to insert page numbers and/or footers. The page numbers do not change progressively. Instead all pages are numbered as page 1.

    In the footer, where there should be the page number it inserts this instead:


    All documents that have been created before with hyperlinks and page numbers and footers now open with the changes that I describe above...

    Can some one shed light on what might have happened and whether anything can be done to fix it, please?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Word 2010 hyperlink display

    Try to follow the below suggestions and check if it works for you or not:

    1. First of all click on the Office button
    2. Select Word options
    3. And select Advanced
    4. Now scroll down and in the section “show document content” you need to uncheck “show field codes instead of their values”.
    5. Now click OK and you done and your Hyperlink problem is solved.

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    Re: Word 2010 hyperlink display

    I love you mister Einstein007!... now I can sleep at night...

    No, serious, thanks heaps...All's back to normal again.. Thanksamillion!

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