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Thread: Need to edit files present on Mac by using VTFEdit

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    Need to edit files present on Mac by using VTFEdit

    Well, I finally got tired of having to boot to Windows or the release of Parallels to edit VTF files. So I was thinking about using software that is specifically VTFedit and crazy to edit files on the mac. Well, I'm not sure how it works, but what do people think that this software is safe or not? Is it difficult to use this software and have the demo version is available online to prove it? Please help if anyone is aware of this.

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    Re: Need to edit files present on Mac by using VTFEdit

    Your Mac unit is normally shown as drive Z take this into account when loading and saving files. Yes, the package / application are great. This is due to some of the requirements. Also, why not just export to tga and edit it in GIMP? Both offer transparency. Free platform and cross GIMP. Well I have not tried this ever since I didn’t have such problems thus you can try it and may it help you. All the best!

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    Re: Need to edit files present on Mac by using VTFEdit

    Well, it is worth, which at present has a VTF.framework (VTFLib + tweaks to compile on OS X), ability to read-only preview images within GCF files, a plug-in. VTF QuickLook, and VTF. Spotlight importer to an end. Finally I could get based on Nvidia's CUDA texture tools (2.1.0) to build last week, so I'll be looking to implement optimistic VTF creation soon. Just try it and I really hope that this solves your issue.

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    Re: Need to edit files present on Mac by using VTFEdit

    Good for the preview function VTF, QuickLook and Spotlight plug-ins, did not need to use the NVIDIA DXT library (only required to create images based on DXT) or libdevil yet. I just used the plain VTF code to create an uncompressed RGBA or RGB CGImage. He found some problems that stemmed from OS X much prefer images with premultiplied alpha, but seem to have solved. Once I get into the conversion of uncompressed data in a file, I'll have to look at libdevil or alternative.

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    Re: Need to edit files present on Mac by using VTFEdit

    The wrapper was not working for me either, so I went ahead and ported to myself. As it turned out, I do not really need VTFEdit for my purposes, but I hope others can benefit from my mistake. It seems to work, but yes, I am a terrible goalie, and I cannot guarantee anything. I opened the program, import a PNG file and saved it as a VTF without errors. If you have problems, go ahead and post here (preferably with a crash log) and I'll see if I can clarify. Hope this helps Panda, and Kevin, I'll be happy to go elsewhere if you have a recommendation. I've never used anything but mediafire. No icon appears pretty as the other guy who gave it, but that's just how we roll.

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