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Thread: How to avoid installing ask toolbar at the time of nerolite 10 setup

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    How to avoid installing ask toolbar at the time of nerolite 10 setup

    I downloaded and tried to install Nero Lite 10. On the other hand, during setup of the software tried to install the Toolbar adware. Nothing like numerous other products that utilize a Nero lite 10 forces to install the ask Toolbar. The check mark to disable the installation of the toolbar is gray which means that you cannot halt their installation. So at this time there is no exit option to complete the installation. As a substitute he had to finish the process of Task manger. Not at all satisfied with Nero I've used for over 05 years!

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    Re: How to avoid installing ask toolbar at the time of nerolite 10 setup

    Apologetic, other than one way or another programmer who complete the software be supposed to be paid. As Nero Lite10 is a free of charge product with the intention it can be used without paying for it, the ask toolbar is the no more than option for a small income .If you don’t want the ask toolbar which is compulsory to install while installing Nero lite 10, only option is left is to use the Nero payment. Here you are free to choose whether you want to install the ask tool bar or not.

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    Re: How to avoid installing ask toolbar at the time of nerolite 10 setup

    I immediately brought the paid product and necessitate the installation of the ask Toolbar. It Cause me troubles with the copy protection of years ago and, against my better judgment, updated my old copy. And now this garbage - Installs crapware forced even after spending good money on their products. Ahead do not know when to stop. Fortunately, competition is fierce. Never, never again - seriously, this sucks.
    To add what is a scam of purchase of Nero (and reflected on as a company) - with the purchase of the upgrade with the waste "no support" pre-payment options selected. If the download is crooked, my capability to download novel software be supposed to be part of the holdup I'm paying any company and do not cost $ 4 or $ 12 for me to download the software. Only slimiest company have one of these option - and you have two dissimilar confound customers and gather money for what it actually is not earned or deserved sentence.

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    Re: How to avoid installing ask toolbar at the time of nerolite 10 setup

    If I keep in mind in the approved manner, a custom installation of Nero 10 will not install the ask Toolbar. Still if not, takes all of 25 seconds to uninstall it. Nero version 10 is updated by means of the download. The examination version is free and is the starting point for all installations. If the copy is tarnished, all you have to do is download and run the test and checking for updates. Done. No money changes hands.

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    Re: How to avoid installing ask toolbar at the time of nerolite 10 setup

    1. There is only one line that says you must believe the ASK toolbar with the terms of use and privacy policy. It's all or not to install. I can only visualize that my user is probable to sell well.
    2. Its astonishing the nerve force consumers to accept crapware in order to install the product - there's a reason I've never seen this before. It takes more than 30 seconds to remove and, if I'm wasting my time, then you can share with me in front of the ASK toolbar income is associated with me having to waste my time to uninstall it and restart my system.

    These additional "protection", the items are pre-checked and speak loudly enough to scare most people into thinking they really need to buy this insurance false. From this I have no doubt. Again, I have not even seen this heinous practice sites in the shade of software development, most of which usually only have a choice and it has two preset BOTH! It’s a shame. This need not even be explained.

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    Re: How to avoid installing ask toolbar at the time of nerolite 10 setup

    Slightly higher in the thread someone posted . As you can see the box to not include the ask toolbar is gray. No way to cancel the installation once you're in the previous step by clicking the large X on the top right does nothing to cancel the installation. Removal of marks in all boxes and press next will continue the installation. No back button. It is obvious that the installer for this two-stage in forcing the toolbar inquire about his throat. Ask Toolbar is by many considered as object nasty software. After you have installed is likely to leave things in the system. Power "in 30 seconds uninstall" There's really no reason to be happy.

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    Re: How to avoid installing ask toolbar at the time of nerolite 10 setup

    I installed Nero 10 Platinum HD. initially; it say that you have to install a list of items, together with MS Visual C Redistributable 2005 and 2008, more than a few extensions and compiler Direct3D x9 and Direct3D HLSL , restart of validator. The installation has hang in the installation of the ask Toolbar, by no means even mentioned. It appears that you have installed everything except the list Validator. Restart the system and aims to be the installation of Toolbar, except there is rejection of CPU activity or disk activity. I'm very happy that the Toolbar is installed without notice in a rather expensive product. I just wanted to quickly write my first album Blu-ray, but nothing is simple in this world.

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