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Thread: How to draw a circle in Excel 2007

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    How to draw a circle in Excel 2007

    I just installed Microsoft office 2007 in my computer. I am beginner and trying to learn office 2007.I do not know how to start any application of Microsoft office2007 .Can anybody help me to solve my queries. How to draw a circle into the Microsoft excel 2007 or how to draw any shape into Microsoft excel 2007 and I also want to know difference between Microsoft Office 2007 and Microsoft Office 2003.Also tell the difference between MS Office 2007 excel and MS Office 2003 excel.

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    Re: How to draw a circle in Excel 2007

    Microsoft office 2007 is totally different from Microsoft office 2003.So, you may confuse while handling the Microsoft office 2007.because there is a lots of GUI difference between MS Office 07 and MS Office draw a circle into excel, we have just to select shapes option inside the Insert tab and then select circle shape from it, then click the mouse on sheet and drag it. You can see that circle is created. There is no such big difference between the MS Office 2007 and Office 2003.Both the excel’s do same think.

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    Re: How to draw a circle in Excel 2007

    To open excel file, first you have to click on to the start menu button ,then go to program menu .in that program menu search Microsoft office icon ,then click on that. Now you see all the applications of MS Office 2007 after that you can select any application from that for user purpose. It is very easy to draw circle in excel. You have to follow some instructions. Like select Insert tab .Then select ‘shapes ‘option .After clicking on to the Shapes option ;A small window appear which consist all the different types of shapes. Then select circle from it. After that draw you can able to draw a circle on excel sheet.

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    Re: How to draw a circle in Excel 2007

    Both the excels have same jobs but some new features are introduced into the MS Office 2007 like increased number of function arguments, new graphic properties are introduced.Fanctionality become more faster as compare to the MS Office 2003.Click on to the insert button then go to the shapes, choose circle from the shapes .then click on the excel sheet and drag the arrow. Circle is created .MS office 2007 is very easy to handle and user friendly.

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    Re: How to draw a circle in Excel 2007

    There are many introduce in the MS Office2007 which were not present in that Office 2003.Such as, In New office intensity of Rows and Columns are increased. New graphics properties and tool are introduced. Length of the character set is increased. Different types of new clip art also introduced .The new featured file reducing ability, improvement in data recovery. Because of more graphics option we can create any types of charts, tables, Graphs so quickly.

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    Re: How to draw a circle in Excel 2007

    First click on the start button .then go to all programs. Select Microsoft office2007. After selecting office; select Microsoft Office Excel 2007.A new Excel file will create .there are so many things are placed in the form of tag. Click on to the Insert tag .In that tag you see different items like table, picture, clip art,shapes,chart some kind of Hyperlink ,Some page formatted thinks and etc. Click on to the shapes button. A new small window appear .In that window there many types shapes are available .Select Circle or oval shape from them. After doing this click on to the blank area of excel sheet and drag the mouse.

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