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Thread: How to run MS Scanner Camera Wizard

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    How to run MS Scanner Camera Wizard

    It took me about 6 hours to find the answer to solve my problem, but it worked. In any installation of MS Windows XP Service Pack 2 or MS Media Player 10 has origin this difficulty for me. Connecting my Sony DSC-V1 to make camera assistant of the Member States to pop-up and image transfer was easy, but after such 'improvements' to the camera only showed up as storage device removable media (disk) and the wizard does not work more. I found that for a lot of people, the uninstall Real Player preset the difficulty, however if you have tried it or not have Real Player installed, download and run this file from the Microsoft website.

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    Re: How to run MS Scanner Camera Wizard

    Those that comprise uninstalling real player possibly will not necessitate to. If you would like to endeavor to maintain real player, first attempt turning off message center -- To put out of action the Message Center: you have to open real player and then click on tools menu. Then from that you have to choose preferences so preferences box will open. And after that when you go to the category pane which is specified in automatic services you have to click on message center. Then from there click on configure message button. And following that unchecks every item present in that winnow. And to apply changes you have to click OK button for two times and then close that window. Thank you.

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    Re: How to run MS Scanner Camera Wizard

    I have a Sony with XP and a Sony camera. Wizard work, but now it is not. I have no SP2 or Real Player. Tested the game auto setting did not work for me. I've spent hours on this and even called Sony with no luck. Somewhere on a Microsoft site I read that we should not install the drivers for the camera. I could have done that, but why stop working when they once did. Autorun works function, but when choosing the camera assistant does not actually run.

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    Re: How to run MS Scanner Camera Wizard

    I've tried the whole thing to attempt to construct the camera work wizard. The wizard opens however after that I click the wizard to make use of the camera and close the box. I am able to click on the files copied to the folder or outlook as slideshow. It was working very well; I do not know what I did. DO NOT have Real Player installed and have tried to use the automatic correction, but nothing worked. I noticed mail to edit the registry, but was not sure where to put the channels mentioned. Appreciate some help. Thanks

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    Re: How to run MS Scanner Camera Wizard

    I am one of the little for whom RegFix not work. Mine started at what time I installed Fuji FinePix Viewer that comes in the company of the latest S5100 camera. I have not perceived my Camera Wizard at the moment I've tried the whole thing on this and much more. If someone is found more cures please post. I feel like Charlie Brown after Trick-or-Treat. Everyone goes home happy and all I have is a bag of rocks. REG file working very well now Autorun works! However, at what time I run the wizard scanner and camera starting the start menu I acquire the "no scanner or cameras are in attendance" Autorun window workings, the shortcut does not?

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