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Thread: How to add watermark in camcorder video

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    How to add watermark in camcorder video

    Hello guys, I am having Sony camcorder and it is working perfectly fine. I just wanted to know few methods and tips to add watermarks in the videos taken by my camcorder. I have seen many videos which are having those watermarks and wish to create one myself. I tried asking many people about this issue but none were able to provide me with any proper solution. I am unable to find solution from any source. Please, if anyone has any suggestions which could help me solve my issue, feel free to share your information by replying my thread.

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    Re: How to add watermark in camcorder video

    If you are trying to watermark the videos while they are still on the camera, then I think that it will be little complicated. But if you are trying to watermark those videos after transferring them to your computer then it is possible to do by using third party software. You can search for them on internet. Just import those videos to any video editor and enjoy adding watermarks to your videos and image files. Adding watermarks increases the security of you data. You can also use the Movie Maker software to edit your videos and add watermarks in them.

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    Re: How to add watermark in camcorder video

    I am not sure about this, but some camcorder’s come with the option to add watermarks to the videos and pictures captured by using that particular camcorder device. So I would first of all recommend you to read the specification of your camcorder to verify whether it has got that feature. You can also get this information by reading the manuals provided to you when you had purchased your camcorder. Or else search for more details on Internet or visit the official website of Sony and search for your camcorder and get all the related information about the device.

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    Re: How to add watermark in camcorder video

    You should use the Video Watermark Factory software. This will allow the user to create and add a digital watermark, logo or text to an existing video. You can add watermarks on the entire section of video or to any specified part of the movie. You can protect and add comments to the videos with the help of watermarks. With just few mouse clicks you will be able to create and add professionally looking logos and watermarks in your videos. Just search for the Video watermark factory software on Internet, download and install it in your system.

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    Re: How to add watermark in camcorder video

    My friends use different softwares to edit the videos and to add logos and watermarks in them. I know few of them. So I would recommend you to search for them on Internet and install them on your system, whichever you find more suitable for you, as per your requirements.
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    Re: How to add watermark in camcorder video

    I am using WinWatermark software to protect my digital pictures. I have always used it for only picture images and never tried it on Videos. So, I am not sure about whether WinWatermark will actually help you or not, but I would suggest you to atleast try it. Or else you can also use Aoao Watermark which is a very good watermark creation software. If nothing seems to be useful, then I would recommend you to use the usual Movie Maker software to obtain what you are looking for. But it doesn’t have much features, so you might find it less interesting product.

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    Re: How to add watermark in camcorder video

    You can also try using any of the following third party software to watermark videos and images in your computer system.
    • Visual Watermark
    • Bytescout Watermarking LITE
    • VidLogo
    • Batch Watermark Creator
    • VideoCHarge Studio
    • Pinnacle Studio

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