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Thread: Able to see Full bars of internet but utorrent is not working?

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    Able to see Full bars of internet but utorrent is not working?

    Hello friends there is a problem occurred I’m trying to use torrent by means of utorrent on a mac but I’m at 0 kilobyte/second whole week 24/7!!! Somebody give pleasure to help out me!!I think so that my internet browser is functioning in good physical circumstance other than nothing is being downloaded. I’ve examine and watched videos on how to enhance the pace but the whole thing staying the identical. Please help me in identifying the problem and ask your friends to help me. Thanks in advance to help me and giving me your precious time thankyou . . .

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    Re: Able to see Full bars of internet but utorrent is not working?

    Hey dude I think so that either your Firewall is overcrowding the traffic, otherwise the Torrent you are annoying to download contain no seeders. To allow your Client software you will have to produce an exemption in the Firewall system to tolerate the Client software to facilitate inward bound and extrovert traffic. As for seeders, if there are no seeders there’s not a group you can do. Hope my suggestion will suite you good luck.

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    Re: Able to see Full bars of internet but utorrent is not working?

    Hey dude I would like to recommend you that it is truthful if you are not receiving seed, you could not be able to download file. Consequently, make sure torrent seeds and peers. In addition to, you can ensure that the “logger” tab at the base of utorrent what memorandum you are receiving. In case your torrent is overcrowding by firewall. Open Windows Firewall and insert exemption for your torrent. In case if still the identical subject, right click your torrent files on utorrent application and click on "Advanced --> Reset Bans" and once again "Advanced --> Clear Peer List". Now, you download an additional torrent file which has a good quality seed. Then right click that torrent file on which you are receiving 0kilobyte/second. Over again, right click on this torrent and now click on "Update tracker" and begin this torrent to download. This time I believe you will get download speed for this torrent. and I hope you like this post thank you .

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    Re: Able to see Full bars of internet but utorrent is not working?

    I was surfing on the internet and I saw the question and answers the answers provided to you is very systematic and now I am thinking that the problem has been solved incase if the problem is not solved then my recommendation is just uninstall the utorrent and reinstall it again . I think the problem will be solved by doing this . Good Luck.

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