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Thread: How to take a pic for my screen?

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    How to take a pic for my screen?

    Hello friends hi I have a problem in my mind I want to take the photo of my screen there is a difficulty taking place with me. Some people told that to take the photo of the screen you should hit the key print screen but when I am pressing the key print screen some difficulty is occurring and it is not working. So anybody can tell me that how to take the photo of my screen or any another way of taking the photo of my screen please ask to your friends who can help me. Thanks in advance for helping me and giving me your precious time once again thank you.

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    Re: How to take a pic for my screen?

    Hey dude it seems like , You wish to take the picture of what's on your computer screen, it is very simple. What you have to do is to follow the steps given below :-
    • The first thing you have to do is to Hit “Print Screen” button on the keyboard .
    • Then go to 'Paint' , ‘Microsoft office picture manager’,’ Macromedia fireworks’,’ Microsoft word processor’
    • smack the 'Rectangular Selection' so It should appear approximating like a spotted rectangular outline
    • Then click the Right click button on the mouse & then smack paste .
    • After that it shows the entire page you have copied then harvest what you actually want (because the whole entire page you copied will show up) & right click the mouse button & smack copy.
    • After that you should Go to File and smack, 'New’ (don't save previous page )
    • later than Right click & smack, 'Paste'
    • Save the image into your drives
    • And Do whatever you want do with it.

    That's all I know how to do. I hope you like my suggestion and it proves helpful to you .

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    Re: How to take a pic for my screen?

    Hello Friends, to take a picture of your current screen display, it’s straightforward if you can go after this steps. flap on the Print screen( System Required) button, and then open an editor like “Microsoft office picture manager”,” Macromedia fireworks”,” Microsoft word processor “and then smack the Ctrl and V button mutually to paste. You will see the screen pasted as picture just save the page ads. (JPEG) Joint Photographic Experts Group (GIF) Graphics Interchange Format. It becomes a picture.

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    Re: How to take a pic for my screen?

    hello Friends the print screen is only functioning if it is facilitate.
    1. to discover out if the print screen is working or not just hold function key and press print screen then unlock paint and then paste it .
    2. if the print screen does not work you can also download a screen capture tool or software from the internet .
    3. There are some of the free software with test description or completely free
    4. here I have undertake this and it works very easily as it is a trial version so use it till it terminates
    5. you should find the software on free-screen-capture .

    I hope it will help you in taking the picture of your screen and it proves helpful to you.

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    Re: How to take a pic for my screen?

    Hello friends after seeing the topic I have searched for the topic and I got the videos on Google .I myself saw the video and in the videos it is explained very systematically I surely say that it is very well displayed and it is very easy to understand the contents of the video . I hope you like my post and it proves useful to you it is very truthful.

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