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Thread: XP+W7 Networking=NIGHTMARE.

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    XP+W7 Networking=NIGHTMARE.

    Hello, you guru types.

    I have two Windows XP Professional (32bit) laptops. I am trying to add a Windows 7 Home Premium computer to a network to serve as a backup storage medium. DOn't ask.

    Anyway, the issue I am having is this. Sometimes, the laptops can access the desktop computer just fine, I have shared folders on the desktop, mapped the folders as drives to the laptop, and sometimes, I can access them just fine, exactly the way it was meant to.

    Othertimes, I cannot, getting access denied or not connected errors.

    Sometimes, only one can access. Sometimes none, and sometimes both at the same time. It's not the desktop motherboard's LAN, as I have swapped out the board with a different one, and it has this problem with both the original mobo drivers and theupdated windows one, and the problem is WAY too intermittent. Please?

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    Re: XP+W7 Networking=NIGHTMARE.

    Alright try to follow the below steps after you have shared the folders and files in your computer:

    • First of all unjoin any "homegroups."
    • After that make sure your connection is considered a "HOME" connection.
    • Now you have to open network and sharing center and click on Choose homegroup and sharing options...
    • After that click Change Advanced sharing settings.
    • Next try to expand Home and Work.
    • After that make sure these options are selected...
      • Turn on Network Discovery
      • Turn on File and Printer sharing
      • Select Either: Turn on sharing so that anyone with network access can open files
      • OR: Turn on sharing so that anyone with network access can open, change and create files.
      • Turn off password protected sharing
      • Use user accounts and passwords to connect to other computers.

    Once it sets the options for "Home and Work" it automatically changes those setting to "Public" network. You can also read suggestions given in this similar kind of thread - Cannot Network Windows 7 with Windows XP

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