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Thread: Is there any alternative to partition magic software

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    Is there any alternative to partition magic software

    Hello friends. Greetings to all of you out there. I hope that you all have been doing well. Well, I like to explore things and really like to keep learning about it. Well, I would like to know that is there any alternative to partition magic software in order to resize the windows 2003 Server.I am unsure about it, hence in the process thought to leave a thread here. It would be really nice if people can help me out and pass their knowledge to me. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Is there any alternative to partition magic software

    Hey mate, I am fine and can help you out on this. Well, as you have mentioned that you are looking for a Partition Magic Server substitute then the one I know is easeus Partition Manager Server Edition V2.0. However, the worry to you will be that I doubt that these tools will not work in windows 2003, I do remember that when I was making use of acronis disk director in order to re size a server partition and my SAM file went hay wire. I was then unable to log into the server or anything else in that case. I hope that you like my post and it will help you out. Thanks

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    Re: Is there any alternative to partition magic software

    You can make use of just about any Linux-based LiveCD, for example say, Knoppix. There are two packages qtparted and gparted both of which do the identical things, although making use of diverse graphical toolkits. They are fairly trouble-free to use and can do some nice things in order to resize partitions. There is also a Gparted LiveCD which can be obtainable if you search the internet. It will really serve your purpose and also fits on business-card-sized Compact Disks.

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    Re: Is there any alternative to partition magic software

    Hey you can go for partition Logic, I feel that it will be a very nice option to go for, it is a at no cost hard disk partitioning and data management tool. It can produce, remove, wipe away, format, defragment, resize, copy and also move partitions and amend their attributes. It has the capability to copy entire hard disks from one to another. It is based on the Visopsys operating system. It boots from a Compact Disk or floppy disk and then runs as a single system, it is independent of your normal operating system.

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    Re: Is there any alternative to partition magic software

    Hey I would like to enlighten you by saying that GParted comes along in a bootable Compact Disk format. This bootable Compact Disk is disseminated as an ISO image file. You will be able to burn this in the equivalent way as you burn any supplementary ISO file , which obviously depends on which Compact Disk burning software you have been using. Characteristically there will be an alternative to Burn Image or similar to it. For example, we can say, that’s how it is known as Nero burning read only memory.

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    Re: Is there any alternative to partition magic software

    Guys, thank you so much for the replies. I really appreciate it on a very high note. Such, quick and prompt replies were unexpected. I am amazed to see the options that you all have posted to my thread. I will surely do a research now on the options that have been mentioned and then select the specific one. It wouldn’t have been possible without you friends. You all really made my day. Thanks a lot once again.Take Care

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