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Thread: Partition Magic for windows server 2003

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    Partition Magic for windows server 2003

    hey every one i have a server which is current powered by windows server 2003 and i had managed to get a free copy of the Partition magic but was of no good for me as the application was not compatible with the windows server 2003 that i am using. so can you help me with a link to the Partition magic server edition which by the way should be free and if not. is there any other way than fdisk please advice / recommend any software for this scenario.

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    Re: Partition Magic for windows server 2003

    you must not have looked up for this because there are many alternatives that are available out there for this. if you do not want to use the fdisk you should try using the disk management which is Microsoft Management Console avaliable in the windows server itself. or if you looking for something else you can always try out the diskpart. that is not a third party but is a second party add on for/from windows which can be installed on the server and is comparatively more user friendly then the fdisk. it is used through the command prompt itself.

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    Re: Partition Magic for windows server 2003

    if you want to use a third party for this you can go for knoppix its a kind of Linux bootable and can be used for creating partitions for windows server 2003. if you have any questions related for using the knoppix you can go on its original website and find out yourself.or else you still prefer to use the partition magic server edition you will have to buy it from the official website for approximately $42 if you want that.

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    Re: Partition Magic for windows server 2003

    why do you even need to use any third party software for this you should go for the above mentioned Microsoft Management Console and for disk management on the server i have been using it for a long time and it has never let me down so i sure do recommend that for you. if you do not know how to use it you can always go to the Microsoft forum to find out about that. and yes before making the partitions never forget to take a back up of the disk you want to partition.

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    Re: Partition Magic for windows server 2003

    the partition magic you are talking about does not work on the windows server 2003. that is why you should go for something else. the partition magic people might be using a different version for the server operating system as it is very obvious that they want to make more bucks for the server edition. there are very few alternative available on the web for the server edition i have looked up on this and still not have yet found any possible alternative for this other then buying it and using.

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    Re: Partition Magic for windows server 2003

    for one to be able to create a partition there must be free space on the disk that is there must be no existing drive on that space and there cannot be any drive made on that space. you need to take a backup of the server the and then go on and try to make the partition and/or you can even try to reinstall the windows server 2003 again and then try to make the partition right from the beginning. and you can easily restore all the settings and data that you had backed up from the old install.

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    Re: Partition Magic for windows server 2003

    partition magic can not support Windows Server Operating systems.
    but there are many partition magic alterlatives transcend this limitation.
    like Acronis Disk Director, Aomei server partition magic tool, etc.

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