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Thread: iTunes cannot keep the track of older track

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    iTunes cannot keep the track of older track

    The problem I was trying to solve is that while a free application called Salling Media would synchronize iTunes playlists to my Nokia, which only move the songs from the list of issues, not lose sight of the order of songs. This program very functional music library syncs with almost any USB music player connected and seems to know how to find out where you want the device for music and playlists. That was set up perfectly for my Nokia. Equally important is information about my music from iTunes. All the functionality to create and manage playlists, which is what I had with iTunes all these years, is here. So far, this seems an exceptionally full-featured and easy to use music management program. Please help me.

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    Re: iTunes cannot keep the track of older track

    You should know that DRM is free now? Mediamonkey anyway so badly is not for mac. There are many who are free of DRM. They are still incompatible. I do not want to have to worry about looking out. At the time that even began to think about it, Amazon had won me over. I also prefer to keep my library in mp3 format, 256 kb, and that remains the most universal, although AAC is now approaching.

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    Re: iTunes cannot keep the track of older track

    I like to say that iTunes is 100% free of DRM for audio tracks. The service AmazonMP3 sells only audio tracks, so they are equal in their freedom of DRM. A few music videos lying on iTunes still has DRM, like all television shows plus movies. I like iTunes with my Mac I use it on Windows too, and everything is good, but tends to be technical problems, especially with the CD recording, sometimes in ways that can only be fixed by reaching knees in a very viscous registration.

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    Re: iTunes cannot keep the track of older track

    It seems that MediaMonkey is to destroy the tags when transferring music, releasing the artist name and album art. What do you get the right of reproduction and does not affect music files on your computer, but I'm too OC to put up with something like this. Therefore, it will be a couple of nights of troubleshooting for me. iTunes and Salling Media are still waiting in the wings, but I really hope to get this resolved. Soo is convenient, otherwise.

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    Re: iTunes cannot keep the track of older track

    The trouble seems to have been the ways in which he had added the cover art. Long ago, while feeling a little bored and quite OC (a bad combination), I went through all the tracks that were ripped to iTunes from my CD and added the album cover (basically, all jpegs pulling out of the Amazon , for the most part). iTunes seemed to be very happy with this, but MediaMonkey is a strange album art format in which you can display up to three versions of the technique by giving various labels.

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