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Thread: From where I can download OpenAL Redist

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    From where I can download OpenAL Redist

    Hi friends I am game lover or you can say me as the game addict. I really love to play latest games now the thing here is that I need the best quality of sound while playing any such games to get the better effect. So after enquiring with my friends they suggested me to go with OpenAL Redist It is the open audio library software which allows me to get great audio effect. So what I want to know here is that whether it is possible to download the same on my system if yes then from where I may get the perfect one. Also please let me know the performance of the same.

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    Re: From where I can download OpenAL Redist

    The first thing that I want to let you know that you are on the right track this software is really the best that I have experienced on my system. Initially the sound effect that use to get on my system was not that effectual or ear pleasing but after the installation hat audio output is just amazing and due to it many of them gave credit to my speakers. Now what I want here to do id that just see whether you are getting the appropriate download link and then you have to just download the same on your system.

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    Re: From where I can download OpenAL Redist

    As mentioned by you that you are in need of the OpenAL Redist for your system but I am doubtful whether it will be compatible one the system that you are using. Actually you haven’t mentioned the system requirements of the PC that you are having at home I am unable to get to the appropriate conclusion in this case because if the software is not compatible for any system then there is no need of downloading the software on the system. So what I want you to do here is that just check the compatibility and then only proceeded with the downloading and installation process.

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    Re: From where I can download OpenAL Redist

    Well if you are really trying to get this software then I want you to just try and visit the official site of the same and there you will get clues regarding this software. I am sure that visiting the authorized site will definitely help you to get rid of the problem. But sometimes there aces where we need to purchase the software and if this is the case then you will not get the perfect download anywhere else. So please search for the same on the authorized website and then only download the same.

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    Re: From where I can download OpenAL Redist

    Once I tried to download the same software from Rapidshare then the download was not the best one. I mean I got the link to do the download then the download process starts and after some time it gives me an error message saying that the download link is been expired. So till now I have also not found the exact link to download this one. So please help me n this case and let me know what I can do get the proper response from the same.

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