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Thread: Unable to solve vlc-android build error

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    Unable to solve vlc-android build error

    Hello, last month I have installed the vlc media player on the dell laptop. The configurations of the laptop is to be the Intel core i7 processor with 320Gb hard disk and 4GB DDR2 RAM. This laptop I have purchased in the last year. This vlc media player is helpful for the video watching and also other facility presents in this vlc media player. Yesterday there is some trouble occur the vlc-android media player. This wills gives so much error which is I think related to the vlc setup files. I need to solve that kind of error. Any type of help will be appreciable.

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    Re: Unable to solve vlc-android build error

    Hey dude, the trouble you mention is to be mostly occurred if the user will not be installed the vlc-android media player correctly. This error message will shows that the number of files presents in the vlc-android setup folder will be corrupted or it would be missing. This kind of trouble need only one solutions and that is uninstalling the vlc-android media player. Then next step would be the restart the computer and then install the fresh copy of the vlc-android media player.

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    Re: Unable to solve vlc-android build error

    Hey I also want to solve that kind of trouble. Whenever I try to open any file into the vlc-android media player then exactly the same error message occurred in my laptop. In that case, I have firstly seen the mining of this error but I could not understand its meaning. Few errors tell that the file is missing and few say that the file is corrupted in the system. Then I had use the system restoring options which is presents in the control panel. After using this option the error will not occurred in the vlc-android media player.

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    Re: Unable to solve vlc-android build error

    I also faced the same kind of trouble then I have use the system restoring options. This options presents in the control panel which helps to restore the setting of the system. Then I this works and few days this vlc android will not show any error. But later on it again show the same error and then I understand the actual trouble. I have firstly scanned the complete hard disk of the laptop and it will give so many viruses. Then I use the antivirus to remove this virus. Now it will not create any issues. If the trouble is not solved then you need to use other player such as GOM player, Media pplayer 11 etc.

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    Re: Unable to solve vlc-android build error

    I think you need to firstly scan the hard disk for the virus reason. After scanning the hard disk by using the authorized antivirus it will help to remove the all virus presents in the hard disk. Then after that if the trouble is not removed then try to restore the setting of the vlc-android media player. This might be helpful to remove the error and the vlc-android media player will be work much better. It might be possible that this will not be solving the trouble then you need to uninstall the media player and then freshly install the vlc-android media player.

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    Re: Unable to solve vlc-android build error

    Hey if still you did not able to avoid this error messages then you need to firstly check the reason of this error message. See the user guide manual holds some trouble shooting concept. This will gives the brief discussion of the actual issues of this error and the solutions of this error message. If the this error message related information is not presents in the user guide manual then the you need to search this topic on the internet. Several web sites give the trouble shooting concept. This will helps you a lot to avoid such kind of error.

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