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Thread: While installing Silverlight I get "Silverlight is already installed" message

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    While installing Silverlight I get "Silverlight is already installed" message

    I installed Silverlight a few months ago and decided to uninstall it as I was having problems with Netflix, thinking that Silverlight needs to be reinstalled. I did something really dull and just tried to delete all files in Program Files Silverlight. After that I downloaded Windows setup Silverlight cleaning and removed. Or at least I think so. By the way, does not work. Now while I try to install Silverlight will not work because it says "Silverlight already installed." I think the trouble should be the driver files in the Windows file, but do not know what to eliminate. Any ideas? How do I setup Silverlight now?

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    Re: While installing Silverlight I get "Silverlight is already installed" message

    I think below steps will help you to solve your trouble.
    1. In the Control Panel, unlock the Add/Remove Programs and uninstall Microsoft Silverlight if it is exposed as installed by clicking on it and after that clicking Uninstall or Remove. If you obtain an error on this step (for instance a dialog saying that the msi file cannot be establish), just persist on to the further step.
    2. Using regedit, find the way to HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Silverlight and eliminate the key.
      • As of an administrator cmd case you can perform this by running: reg delete HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Silverlight /f

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    Re: While installing Silverlight I get "Silverlight is already installed" message

    For me the trouble expelled to be that Silverlight managed to obtain disabled in internet explorer. Depart to Tools, Manage Add-ons and explore for Silverlight. If you observe it, after that make confident it says enabled further to it. Further things to think:
    1. Make confident you are running the 32-bit edition of internet explorer if you are on the 64-bit stage (default internet explorer is 64-bit there).
    2. You should make certain you are running internet explorer devoid of the -extoff switch which will mechanically immobilize all add-ons, but the manage add-ons dialog will articulate they are enabled. I was utilizing this short time to diagnose a trouble. You necessitate doing a right click, properties on your internet explorer shortcut to check for this flag.

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    Re: While installing Silverlight I get "Silverlight is already installed" message

    I haven't been able to obtain Silverlight 3.0 to work. It declares it Installs, and is in the Control Panel below Add or Remove Programs. Though, the just way that I can obtain Silverlight to function is to: Uncheck Browsing Category- facilitates third-party browser extensions. And after that it shows up below: Internet Explorer- Tools- Manage Add-ons below Toolbars and Extensions, but after that I misplace all my Toolbars. Has someone got a way out? Could the Windows Live Toolbar be overcrowding Silverlight as a surplus Pop-Up?

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    Re: While installing Silverlight I get "Silverlight is already installed" message

    I have to utilize Silverlight 3 or Netflix won't exertion. So did what you did after that while attempted to install Silverlight 3, received message "can't install because program is installed". Silverlight 4 is not scheduled in Add or remove programs, but the file is at a standstill in program files on my C drive, but all that's in there is single file - Attempted to remove it, but was then informed it is a tainted file and cannot be deleted. As I don't know how to repair and remove a .dll that is tainted, I am facing reformatting my hard drive.

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    Re: While installing Silverlight I get "Silverlight is already installed" message

    I just removed Silverlight because I could not obtain on Netflix. Tried to install once more, but could not. In my case I don't know if it is because I rose to internet explorer 9. I have Vista 32 bit. But I required helping you witty your problem. I am extremely new at this, but I downloaded for free an antivirus AVG and it arrives with an additional program AVG Tool, which is as well a registry cleaner. I as well downloaded for free Ccleaner and it is a superb program. They will clean up your registry, solitary out tainted file, and give you choice to remove them. No necessitate reformatting the drive. Just clean it by means of all of that tool and you will see a big dissimilarity. Hope it helps.

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