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Thread: Is WD Smart ware software good for backup?

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    Is WD Smart ware software good for backup?

    I recently got this new WD external USB 3.0 HD which I was looking at from a long time and would say that. It comes with WD Smart ware software which includes backup functionality as well. Also I just have confusion that should I go with the Windows 7 backup or should I go with the WD Smart ware. Also I am changing the rig so can anyone tell me? Please do get back to me on this immediately on this as I am waiting for the replies.

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    Re: Is WD Smart ware software good for backup?

    I just had a look at the question that you have put up and would say this is really something good that you have put up and is very interesting too. Also I would say that there are no issues going ahead with it and you can very well go ahead with it. I think that the WD Smart ware is a way better option that going for the Windows 7 backup .So from my side you have the thumbs up and you can go ahead with any hesitation on this.

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    Re: Is WD Smart ware software good for backup?

    I would say that this is a really good device and you should go ahead with it. I would say that for the computer-savvy people you should continue to get more digital media and create more number of bytes of data and also will help you to get storage that has become increasingly important in our everyday lives. Along with the ability to save and backup all of one’s digital treasure which is again very much important thing.

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    Re: Is WD Smart ware software good for backup?

    Thanks a lot for the solutions and I would say that this is really something that I was hoping for.I am really happy that this device would be very useful to me. Before going ahead to buy this I was just hoping that this will be a useful device for me but now after looking at the solutions that you have put up I would say that it has made me happy. But still I would welcome some more suggestions as well as some more solutions on this issue.

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    Re: Is WD Smart ware software good for backup?

    Yes this is something that can be really useful to you all.I feel that you need to go ahead with it.I would tell you that the first time when you plug your new WD drive into your computer you should immediately install WD Smart Ware. Once installed then the Smart Ware will scan your computer and present you with a graphical representation of all the various bits of data in various categories. So depending on your category you should take a backup for same. So this is what you need to do to solve the query.

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