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Thread: Windows Server 2008 shows older version Using Security Essentials

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    Windows Server 2008 shows older version Using Security Essentials

    Hello everyone, I just wanted the one favor from you if possible then please help me. I have my own cyber café I use windows server 2008 in it, before some days I had try to install security essentials in server, but when I tried to install it, it showed me that the product which I am installing is older than XP. Even I tried with MS live, but it was also not working on my server edition. So I just wanted to know that can anyone tell me some other ways to install Windows Security Essentials on Server 2008. I have also tried with to install it in Windows XP Professional, but it was also giving error to install it. So please help if anyone knows other way of installation? Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Re: Windows Server 2008 shows older version Using Security Essentials

    Well looking at you issue, first I wanted to tell you that Microsoft Security Essential is not made for any of the Windows Server. Microsoft Security Essential only supports Windows XP 32bit, Windows Vista, Windows 7 etc. Microsoft Security Essential only supports Client pc or you can say individual PC. One more Information I wanted to give you is, Microsoft have designed many other product for Windows Server. Microsoft’s ForeFront is one of those products. If you try on Microsoft’s official web site, you will find many products for Windows Server 2008 edition. Just try it I hope your problem will be solved. All the Best!

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    Re: Windows Server 2008 shows older version Using Security Essentials

    Hey, I hope that above post might have solved your problem, but I also wanted to give you one solution as you have your own cybercafé. You written that you have your own cyber café, it means you must use huge internet speed within it. According to me Microsoft must do something for server editions, because servers are always on and always gets connected to internet. I have always seen that many Trojans infects Servers in many mail applications. I have written this about to Microsoft, I have just write this post to tell you that you should write to Microsoft about this, beware of virus infection on your server, problem can occur due to this also.

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    Re: Windows Server 2008 shows older version Using Security Essentials

    Hello friends, how are you? I have done some research about the above problem, I have some information about it. If you are using Server 2008, Microsoft’s ForeFront is best solution for it. In addition I wanted to tell you is when you are using server addition, it must be properly configured and managed, it must be secured like firewall, server update and privileges given to client PC’s, latest patches for Operating system etc. and one of the important thing it should not be accessed by more than 2 or 3 people, who have the proper rights to use it. One should not use internet browser or desktop application from server, keep in mind and fix your problem, ypu will get success in it. Best of luck friend!

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