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Thread: Microsoft visual studio 2005 not running properly with windows 7

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    Microsoft visual studio 2005 not running properly with windows 7

    From last one year I am using a Compaq Presario F739AU notebook, which is currently upgraded on windows 7 ultimate 32 bit. The system was running fine with all of its installed application along with the specified hardware devices. I am a college student, and for my project purpose I installed Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 in my system, but from the last morning it creating a problem whenever I tried to open a project with this interface. It flashes that the project is not valid, and along with directs me to close the program. I applied every tricks to resolve this issue, but nothing was helped me. Now I am willing to replace this with the related software, so is there anyone having any information on another related software post freely.

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    Re: Microsoft visual studio 2005 not running properly with windows 7

    What type of trick you applied in your system to resolve this issue? I suggest you to apply the last process reload the visual studio. For that first of all remove the existing one and also remove the other files those are collaborating with this software and then reboot your system, now proceed for the fresh installation. I hope this will surely help you to overcome from the problem. Along with also like to suggest you that the database is properly configured with this application.

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    Re: Microsoft visual studio 2005 not running properly with windows 7

    NetBeans IDE, it is a Open source IDE supported by IBM, for Java, C + +, C#, J# and other languages, with plugins to extend its capabilities. It offers its own development platform for creating applications easier. With traditional development tools like syntax highlighting, debugger, code analysis live auto-completion, it is oriented and collaborative company with its Corporate package for developing SOA service architectures. It has a UML module to optimize the development, an analyzer memory resources also. I recommend you to go for this IDE program.

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    Re: Microsoft visual studio 2005 not running properly with windows 7

    Adobe Dreamweaver is a HTML editor that provides you a partitioned work atmosphere with a Web Building editor, along with editing source code. It supports scripting languages like PHP or JavaScript etc, Browser compatibility testing allows to BrowserLab and also approved an integration of content management systems to the development of websites in Dreamweaver application. Dreamweaver allows you to design, develop and maintain an effective Web sites and applications, the program itself guides you throughout the usage of it with its advanced user friendly interface and features.

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    Re: Microsoft visual studio 2005 not running properly with windows 7

    Another one named as KompoZer, this is a software to create HTML-mode visual (web based). This software has already been favorably compared to Adobe Dreamweaver. The strength lies in KompoZer a simple interface and site manager brief but effective, not forgetting the output of a correct code. I am also using this software from a long time with all of its advanced features for creating a web site or page. So I suggest you to go for this one.

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    Re: Microsoft visual studio 2005 not running properly with windows 7

    MonoDevelop: Free GNOME IDE that is designed primarily for C # and other .NET languages, but also supports C and C + + support, provides a manager to list of classes including advanced methods and properties. As per my opinion it is an excellent platform development environment designed for Linux, Windows and Mac OSX which enables you to create desktop or web applications using any supported language. It has a very nice and easy user interface, so if you want to develop applications using the platform. NET but do not want to use Visual Studio, MonoDevelop is the desire one.

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