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Thread: .mkv file not opening in VirtualDubMod

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    .mkv file not opening in VirtualDubMod

    I am trying to open a.mkv file with VirtualDubMod for editing and converting the format of that file, but this application does not allow me to perform this operating, though it is asking for the format support file, though this is not a unsupported file for downing any of the above mentioned process. I am trying to convert it into .avi, though it start the progress and in middle of the process it directs me to abort this one for this problem, now allowed to complete the process. What should I do now? Any information about this problem so any other application by which I can do these above mentioned processes will be appreciated greatly.

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    Re: .mkv file not opening in VirtualDubMod

    If you are saying that the format is supported by the VirtualDubMod application, but still not working properly with that then I think the problem should into the software itself. Though apart from that did you tried with any other file format to perform similar issue. Try it first and check whether the same problems I arriving or not. If this also occurring then I would like to recommend you to reload the software, this might be help you some how to resolve this issue. Try it.

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    Re: .mkv file not opening in VirtualDubMod

    VideoSpin comes with an respectable: it is well structured, easy to use and is equipped with almost every video formats. This software coupled to a codec pack will allow you to edit your videos and photos, to associate the music you want, and export it to the desired format. if you are looking for the alternative of the existing software then go for this one. I am using this software from a long time for basically video editing purpose, I did not encountered any problem with this one.

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    Re: .mkv file not opening in VirtualDubMod

    Avidemux is a free video editor. It is intended primarily for installation, encoding and filtering. It supports multiple formats such as AVI, DVD compatible MPEG files, MP4 and ASF, using a variety of codecs. The Tasks can be automated using the predefined projects, the line work or the ability of the powerful script. The interface is quite spartan and specified with all the advanced functions. It works very well, very fast, and allows the neophyte that I am dicked my videos, like close, keeping only what I want, and then assembles multiple videos in the format of my choice, all without any loss of video quality or sound.

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    Re: .mkv file not opening in VirtualDubMod

    MPEG Streamclip is an affective converter software or publisher of video. It permits you to playback of video files, not only MPEG also other formats. It can also alter MPEG files between other formats. In addition to the conversion from MPEG, it can encode movies to many formats, including apple devices also. The application allows you to capture streaming videos from YouTube and Google using the URL of the video. MPEG Streamclip also allows you to edit movies to create new clips.

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    Re: .mkv file not opening in VirtualDubMod

    Jahshaka is a program for editing, publishing and an application of special effects. It uses the power of your processor to give you a real-time rendering. Few of the features of this software is like, Edit your videos quickly and flexibly, Create real-time effects, Animate with unlimited features, Draw on and tag videos in reading, Create background music with the tools, Work with multiple formats on any resolution and can distribute your projects, files, videos with all Internet users worldwide.

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