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Thread: List of tips for Internet Explorer

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    List of tips for Internet Explorer

    Go directly to FTP sites

    In the address bar, type the Internet address (URL) of the FTP site you want to access. For example:


    To download a file or folder, right-click on the test page, then click Upload to. To log on to this FTP site as another user, click the File menu, then click the command Connect as. To rename or delete items in an FTP folder, or add (download) items in an FTP site, use the same commands and actions that those with whom you hire Explorer Windows or My Computer.


    • On some FTP sites, you can only view or download files. Only people running the site or who are able to rename, delete or download files.
    • On many FTP sites, you automatically connect so anonymous, to view or download files. To download, rename or delete files, you may need to open a session using a username and a password specific. Moreover, different pages within a site may require different usernames.
    • You can not move files within or between FTP sites. You can move files from an FTP site to a location temporary location on your computer or a network drive, then upload to another FTP site or a different folder on the same site.
    • Some programs support opening and saving files from FTP servers by entering an FTP address in the File Open dialog box or File Save.

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    Re: List of tips for Internet Explorer

    Accelerate the scrolling pages : You have a mouse wheel and scrolling is slow when you're using Internet Explorer? And although it is possible to solve this problem once and for all! Go to the Tools menu, Internet Options. Go to the Advanced section. In Section Navigation, search and select the option to use smooth scrolling and validate the changes by clicking the Apply button.

    Change the page displayed when a site is not found : When Internet Explorer does not find the site you want to connect, it displays a blank page. To change this, click Start, then Run. Type Regedit and click OK. Go HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftInternet ExplorerMain then double click the value Local page. Then enter the full path of file to use. Confirm and exit Regedit.

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    Re: List of tips for Internet Explorer

    Definable websites that will always or never available to third parties

    1. On the Start menu, point to Settings, then click Control Panel.
    2. Double-click the Internet icon.
    3. Click the Content tab.
    4. In the Content Advisor area, click Enable.
    5. If you've already enabled Content Advisor, click the Settings button, then type the password for the supervisor.
    6. Select the Approved Sites tab, type the Internet address (URL) of a website, then set if others may or may not have access to this site.

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    Re: List of tips for Internet Explorer

    Remove the OK button in the address bar :Tired of seeing the OK button to the right of the address bar? Well, you can remove it! Clicking the right mouse button and uncheck the OK button.

    No more www. and. com : In Internet Explorer you want to go to http:// www. but you're tired of typing www. and. com! Just type "microsoft" and instead of pressing the Enter key while pressing the Ctrl key and press Enter, the browser will automatically add http:// www. and. com!

    IE does not properly connected to the launch : Go to the View menu and then Internet Options, select the Connections tab, check the box, connect to the Internet via a modem. Now click on Settings, a dialog box appears. Upstairs, there is a menu with the names of connections, select the name of the connection you want to use and click OK then click Apply and OK.

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    Re: List of tips for Internet Explorer

    Missing Status Bar
    The given registry file will correct this behavior, if your status bar disappears when opening a new IE browser window. However make sure that option is selected - right-click the top Toolbar and select: Status Bar. If you are still having problems verify the below Registry entries exist and are correct:
    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main]

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    Re: List of tips for Internet Explorer

    Multiple settings

    Set in the Internet Explorer settings from the first configuration ('1 ISP), then run REGEDIT. Choose Edit / Find and type "internet settings". Uncheck the boxes "Values" and "Data" and click NEXT. You should go to the tree HKEY_CURRENT_USERSOFTWAREMICROSOFTWINDOWSINTERNET SETTINGS.

    Select the menu: Registry / Export Registry File. Select a location (preferably c: windows or c: winnt depending on the system) and select a name quite telling (exple: fournisseur1.reg). Now modify Internet Explorer settings to define the configuration of your second provider. Do the same way as before by running regedit. Save the portion of the registry under the name Fournisseur2.reg. Now create in c: windows (or c: winnt by your system) a first batch file containing the following statement: regedit / sc: windowsfournisseur1.reg save the batch file c: windowsfournisseur1.bat. Create a second batch file c: windowsfournisseur2.bat containing the following statement: regedit / sc: windowsfournisseur2.reg. Create shortcuts on the desktop for these 2 batch files. Now, any time you want to access the Internet through one or the other service providers, simply double-click the icon and launch your dial-up connection.

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