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Thread: My system is infected with "scam" rogue virus

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    My system is infected with "scam" rogue virus

    I had recently got an internet connection for my PC which was about 3 years old, it had an antivirus which was not updated regularly because of no internet connection, now when I got an internet connection, I noticed that my PC was badly infected. So I had to format my hard drive, after that I searched for an freeware antivirus on the net. I downloaded it and installed the software but the problem I started facing was poor performance of my computer with respect to speed and asking to buy a antivirus product which was outdated and it also asked me for activating that product through paying the amount through their site, and i guess this issue due to the "scam" rogue virus but i am not sure in this one. Please help me in this one.

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    re: My system is affected "scam" rogue virus

    I went through you problem and I feel that you are infected by the virus known as scam rogue virus or also known as rogue virus Trojan horse. It is better to not provide any of the information to it, to remove the virus you have to kill the process where the file is located because it replicate itself and produce harmful effect to your system, and also it is self protective so it is very hard to be traced by an antivirus. You can kill these problem by downloading Rkill and running the program ,when you do that it will search for all the malware plus all the rogue virus, and it will be done on a black screen once it has completed it will be rebooted your system.

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    re: My system is affected "scam" rogue virus

    One of the safest method is to take precaution before getting infected with this kind of virus. You should install a firewall and keep it on at every occasion. Update your software regularly by using automatic update on. Also search for some links that help you to download antivirus from windows help and support , if you are using any window operating system. Always keep a track of all the accounts that you use in internet because that are more prone to get hacked and always use them in a high secure manner. Try to get all the information of all the phishing sited that are present in the internet world by using any of the search engines or blogs.

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    re: My system is affected "scam" rogue virus

    I too had the same problem of fake antivirus been installed unknowingly. I tried many methods but eventually the trick helped me was by using free portable version of super anti spy ware, before using it on your system kindly reboot your pc in safe mode and install the software . If even these also don't work then try running combo fix .These is not usually required because the infection is been removed in the previous step only but the former steps is also used at some particular time. When a rogue virus is present it is sometime used with anti malware software so scan your PC with it and your system is clean with these kind of virus.

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    re: My system is affected "scam" rogue virus

    My antivirus live was not able to catch most of the viruses and even it had found any was virtually created .I tried changing the setting of the scan menus but latter I came to know that it is a kind of a virus that is of no use with respect to security for your system. I tried removing the virus by doing the following things ,I downloaded the programs like AVG Anti-Virus , Anti-Mal ware,Spy bot Search and Destroy then uninstalling the previous antivirus I started installing these programs .It had taken a lot of memory space but after installing it. I scan the whole PC after restarting my PC in safe mode. After this I uninstalled the UN-required programs.

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