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Thread: Acronis failed - RPC Server is unavailable

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    Acronis failed - RPC Server is unavailable

    I am running a Windows XP sp3 on my machine and I have installed the Acronis True Home 10 on this machine. Yesterday I tried to perform complete backup by using this software but it got stuck after moving from the 'Proceed' screen showing an error as 'Failed to create the scheduled task. Error #1722. "The RPC Server is unavailable". I have seen this error for the first time, Does anybody has any idea that what is the reason for this error to appear?

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    Re: Acronis failed - RPC Server is unavailable

    This error message indicates that the service Acronis Acronis True Image Scheduler2 service not properly started from. To solve the problem, start the Windows Control Panel and select Administrative Tools -> Services. Locate the service Acronis Scheduler2 service and open the properties of the service using the context menu that you right-click to activate. Set the Startup type to Automatic. Finally, start the new system.

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    Re: Acronis failed - RPC Server is unavailable

    Like so many of you, I had the same problem that suddenly complains with a backup Acronis that the RPC server does not provide - bla-bla-bla. Even with the computer and disable any other reaction comes. I found the solution after a few hours this error message stating that Acronis has not started correctly or properly. You start Windows, go to Control Panel and select the first administration and then Services. Searches for Acronis Scheduler 2 Service and open the properties on the right mouse button. What you see, the service slumbers to himself. Click on Automatic and play it through once. Then close Windows and reboot again. That's it. Believe that this problem comes from some anti-virus program. But no matter, it is like that again without problems.

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    Re: Acronis failed - RPC Server is unavailable

    I post this message only to help those like me galley on this famous RPC service not available in Vista when you want to network, share files public, or just a printer ... I solved my concern with none of the solutions on the net (yet searched a few days). If you have tried everything without resolving anything, try this:
    • Start menu> run> services.mcs
    • Search service "server"
    • If it is stopped, start it and check it is automatically started.
    • If Windows displays an error message "1068", the service will not start.
    • Find the service "Security Accounts Manager"
    • If stopped, start it and check it is automatically started.
    • Then try to start the "server"

    For me it worked, my printer to empty the bin in a few days of receiving test pages ..

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    Re: Acronis failed - RPC Server is unavailable

    This is where it gets complicated. As I mentioned the RPC code is deeply ingrained in your system, including the Windows Registry. The Windows registry is a large directory full of information on how to run all software, hardware, drivers and settings of your computer. It is a very complex area that is often filled with junk and errors corrupting. In fact most of the Windows error messages due to issues in the registry. If you delete or modify files wrong you can cause serious damage to your computer, including computer crashes, falls, and the windows blue screen of death. Fortunately, there is a much easier way to correct the error server RPC. I found a program that can dive deep into the registry, locate the problematic files, and correct problems. We can correct the error PRC and other questions, you may not even know. As a bonus it contains some optimization features to accelerate your computer cool as well.

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