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Thread: windows 7:Mozilla Firefox stopped responding frequently after upgrade graphics driver

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    windows 7:Mozilla Firefox stopped responding frequently after upgrade graphics driver

    I am having a Compaq Presario f 700 notebook, this is running with windows 7 OS. The machine I basically used for internet access for my official and some of the home entertainment purpose. I installed Mozilla Firefox web browser. Though I also play some of the high definition games in my machine, for that i recently upgrade the graphics driver, with ATi radeon high definition graphics driver. But after that, there is problem start occurring in my notebook, whenever I tried to open the browser application, it crashes, and directs me to stop the execution of this browser application. What is the cause of this problem is there anyone having any information regarding this?

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    Re: Mozilla Firefox stopped responding frequently after upgrade graphics driver

    I think the problem is completely occurring for the browser application, for that I recommend you to remove the application, for that enter into program and feature folder under control panel, and from the drop down list select and remove the browser, along with also remove the files store collaborating with the windows version. now take a fresh installation, I had similar issue, after that one of my friend suggest me to do this , I follow this and the problem is solved, so I hope this will also resolve the issue. Also remove all the add-ins those are applied in the browser. Sometimes, I found that they are also creating this type of problems.

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    Re: Mozilla Firefox stopped responding frequently after upgrade graphics driver

    The problem that you mentioned in your post, might be creating the graphics driver, which you installed recently, I think this is not installed properly. So for that insert the driver installation disk and ping to device manager, from there open display tab and right click on the driver name. Now select advanced recommended option, it will direct you to locate the driver installation program from any locate, browse and run the installation process. If there is any issue with the graphics driver, then I hope by this the problem will surely be overcome. before that i recommend you to try once to run browser application after remove the graphics driver. if it works then it is clear that there is no issue with the graphical interface.

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    Re: Mozilla Firefox stopped responding frequently after upgrade graphics driver

    In my machine also the Mozilla Firefox is crashing, this problem starts occurring after install a gaming application, though this is also happening with the internet explorer, I easily solved the problem with internet explorer browser, by reset it. But the problem still occurring with the Firefox browser only. I searched almost maximum sites for this type of solution, and apply so many tricks but still the problem is occurring. I tried by reload the browser application, also by this not got any such positive response. At the beginning when I first double click on the browser application icon, it take a lot time to start, and when start after few second it flashes a message that the Firefox is topped working, and the browser automatically restarts. What should I do now? How to overcome from this problem? any input regarding this will be appreciated greatly.

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    Re: windows 7:Mozilla Firefox stopped responding frequently after upgrade graphics driver

    I had similar issue, the Netscape browser was crashing frequently whenever I open this one, I need to logged in few time to my mail account and in the other web sites, where the logged process is required, each and every time when the browser crashes. After that I tried to another web browser, where the problem did not occurred, so after that I am clear that the problem is only with that particular browser application, and then directly download the latest version of the browser application from developer web site and install this by replace the existing one. So I also recommend you to download the latest version of Mozilla Firefox browser from the developer official site and install into your machine. But before that remove existing one, which is installed in your machine, along with this also remove the files those are collaborating with the windows version files. And then install the browser application. Try with this I hope by this you will be get relief from the problem that you mentioned.

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