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Thread: Totally FREE Raw data recovery software

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    Totally FREE Raw data recovery software

    There are many Raw Data Software solutions that declare that they are free. I used them and they show me the lot of recoverable files but I am not able to get access on those files and If I try to do that than it prompts me for a sizeable fee to be paid to continue the action. If that is the case then what is the meaning of making them free. So I am leaving this question here so that you guys can tell me any of such recovery software that will not create the issues like this. Please reply. Thank you.

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    Re: Totally FREE Raw data recovery software

    You can make use of the StrongRecovery software. This will help you to recover erased data from your memory card, pen drive otherwise hard disk drive. StrongRecovery wires FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 as well as NTFS file system. StrongRecovery wires recovery of NTFS Encrypted Files as well as NTFS compressed files. It will also be feasible to search data of erased files. This is one og the top recovery software so you can search and download it. I am sure that this will help you to solve the issue.

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    Re: Totally FREE Raw data recovery software

    Dissimilar to further data recovery software, MiniTool Power is best data recovery software intended for home as well as business user. It be able to recover erased data from Windows Recycle Bin, restore missing data yet the partition is formatted otherwise deleted, restore data as of dishonored hard drive, unexpected system shutdown otherwise software breakdown. It hold up IDE, SCSI, USB hard disk, memory card, SATA, USB flash drive. MiniTool Power Data Recovery has total modules of five which are Undelete Recovery, Damaged Partition Recovery, Lost Partition Recovery, CD & DVD Recovery. Every data recovery unit focuses on dissimilar data overcome circumstances. The most outstanding of the all is that it is completely free of charge intended for home user.

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    Re: Totally FREE Raw data recovery software

    I do not have much knowledge about RAW file system but I am having PC Inspector File Recovery along with also Turbo File Uneraser on my Windows XP machines. They are together obtainable if you search it on the in favor of "file recovery" and after that make use of the "Free" filter. I have already used these mutually intended for USB drives also they functioned well. If you pay for something then you may get something better than the free version. I don’t know that which is the operating system that you are using but if you are using the Vista then you can try this out.

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