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Thread: How to solve Flash11.ocx error

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    How to solve Flash11.ocx error

    Hi, I always receive a message on PC after couple of minutes: "Cannot find flash.ocx error." Then I click OK, and it is good. After several minutes, comes back the same message. What is this? Someone please help me to solve my problem.
    And my system:
    • Win XP SP2 with all updates.
    • AVG Anti-Virus, Spybot, Adaware, all found nothing.

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    Re: How to solve Flash11.ocx error

    Hello on my desktop at intervals of about 10 minutes when I'm not using the PC shows an error dialog with this sentence: Could not find the file "flash.ocx". I searched and found the file in Adobe Flash Player I have since deleted the program but the problem remains. The error message started to appear since I tried to update Adobe Flash Player, but apparently without success because I do not open certain pages though, and they ask me to install the latest version of Flash Player. I tried to delete the folders of Flash Player after trying to "search" but reappear after a few minutes! If I try the path that I see in search results I am not able to find them anywhere on my PC. I cleaned my PC with Ccleaner, nothing but the folders are still there. I also tried to upgrade your Flash player (the same thing I did at the beginning and that was because of the problems), but nothing changes, when the PC is not in use the usual error message appears.

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    Re: How to solve Flash11.ocx error

    You are using a screen saver that comes on after three minutes, and this screen saver uses the Flash Player to run. With the recent update of the Flash Player but the file flash.ocx was removed and replaced by the file Flash9.ocx. Utilities that use Flash - primarily screen savers - the old file not found and therefore involve an error message.
    There are three ways to work around the problem.
    • Uninstall Flash Player completely by the uninstall routine from Adobe [1] use it. Adobe promises that the player is removed completely with this routine. Then install the Flash player again by your setup from the Adobe download. [2] To avoid problems with the updates.
    • If the screen saver still get the error message, go to the directory C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 rename \ Macromed \ Flash \ and the file "Flash9.ocx" to "flash.ocx".
    • If all these fails, then you must use a different screen saver. Look for updates to the current savers, may provide the programmer an updated version available, with the new Flash Player has no problems.

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    Re: How to solve Flash11.ocx error

    Could not find the file "flash.ocx". This is the kind of message you may encounter one day or one with your software if they require flash to run. This kind of message, for now I only saw that on Asus laptop whose screen saver was the camera. Since the launch of the screensaver, the message "could not find the file" flash.ocx "appeared and the animation was not done. The solution to the problem is simply install the latest version of flash file whose name is now Flash.ocx. To solve the problem just simply go to C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ Macromed \ Flash Flash9e.ocx to retrieve the file, copy it into another directory, put it on the desk for example or any other place, then renaming it Flash.ocx (right click and rename) and return it to the folder C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ Macromed \ Flash . In the end you will have a file and a file Flash.ocx Flash9e.ocx. Restart your sleep and this time it will work again.

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    Re: How to solve Flash11.ocx error

    Hello! Uninstall programs at times change or remove the Macromedia Flash Player and install it again. The current version is the 8th The ending suggests a ocx ActiveX application. If I guess correctly, the error occurs while browsing (did you not able to reveal ) And could therefore always occur when someone tries to foist a promotional pop, which may also contain irritating Flash animations.

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    Re: How to solve Flash11.ocx error

    I copied and renamed the file as you told me and my problem is solved! I realized that the error message appeared when we leave the screen saver which was downloaded from the Internet. Changing screen saver the problem was not there, but having copied and renamed the file when you do not even use a downloaded. Flash Player folder I reappeared after having eliminated because I did not restart the PC. The fact remains that despite the updated Flash Player site that requires me to update it asks me again and will not let me see the contents, but patience is important to solve the problem.

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