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Thread: Windows media player cannot play Blu-Ray DVD

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    Windows media player cannot play Blu-Ray DVD

    I attempted to play a Blue Ray movie borrowed from Netflix. In "my computer" the title of the movie is accepted in the E drive, however while I press to open the movie I obtain the following error message:

    "Windows Media Player cannot play the DVD. The disc was created in a manner that the Player does not support."
    My Windows media player cannot play Blu-Ray tell me what I have to do.

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    Re: Windows media player cannot play Blu-Ray DVD

    I consider this might be since your PC is not well-matched by means of blue-ray discs. I recognize that for laptops, simply a number of play BR discs, like the newer ones. however, I am not a professional or anything, Windows media pla does not play BR discs! Windows 7 be supposed to have moved a step forward as well as add BR disc compatibility. However it did not. confidently they will have it subsequently time around.

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    Re: Windows media player cannot play Blu-Ray DVD

    There is no alternate for your outside Blu-ray player replacing it among the blu-ray player built in on your laptop, desktop, it would be good to warehouse the place unaccompanied player replacing it with your PC Blu-ray player, however the value of play does not match while watching a movie associated straight to your Hi-def TV.may this will assist you so that you will get solve your issue.

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    Re: Windows media player cannot play Blu-Ray DVD

    I have experienced each platform up to now by means of graphics cards with 1gb+ of memory, greater than before system memory to 8 GB, attempted AMD, Intel i7 on processors, OS systems, OS-X or Windows 7 the final multimedia PCs etc however viewing excellence is jittery, attempt numerous third party software players however is not able to match the existing lay out - HDTV to Blu-ray stand alone player, not up till now as a minimum, although it is bearable to watch however do not warehouse your stand alone player so far.

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