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Thread: Editing Flip Video via Movie Maker

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    Editing Flip Video via Movie Maker

    I do not know but most of you might remember about Flip Mino HD. I borrowed the same from my friend to record some videos of an event. I found this device as cool and want to buy one. Before that I just want to understand the concept of its working. The format of video it records plus the quality. I heard that this small device can record a high quality video which we can directly upload to youtube. I found only a 4B memory card support. Does this is expandable. If yes then what can be final limit for that. 4GB does not looks enough for a long hours of video recording. It has a integrated software called FlipShare. I want to know that it runs on Windows and on Mac also. But still the device looks costly.

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    Re: Editing Flip Video via Movie Maker

    It is possible to configure the video on Movie maker. There are some small steps that can help out. For this first create a new project and then click on edit file video clips. Latter on you can add transition effects to those vidoes. Use titles and credit and even you can add narrations to the filp video. There are all standard format that are used by Flip Mino HD. FlipShare software is included in the device memory. You have to simply plug the device and run the software to get the videos. It offers a fine elegant camera that promises lots of good features, but does it meet its promises. In a simple word, the first feature you notice quickly is the timeliness of the device, as during startup (less than 3 seconds to save) as the reading or the recording starts. Everything is almost instantly done.

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    Re: Editing Flip Video via Movie Maker

    You can just catch a move and update the same to youtube. In terms of recording quality, I'll let you judge for yourself, I advise you to go directly to Youtube and watch the HD version of the video, because in a small box of 600 pixels wide it does not do justice to the quality of the recording. As you can see the quality is excellent and the colors are very well rendered in broad daylight. As with many aircraft, taking video in daylight is where this camera excels. You will notice that the camera jumps little, except when I zoom in 2x, where she jumped a little more. Already the software is included within the camera is already a point for the HD Mino. But this lacks a lot of features on the device.

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    Re: Editing Flip Video via Movie Maker

    I have certain positive and negative points that I will prefer to share. The positive point of the same is that it has a good recording quality with pre-encode H.264 ready for YouTube. The design is very nice. Some things which I do not like in the device is that the 2x digital zoom should be optical. There are limited selection of video integrated website and it provides wmv and mov format for movies. While the camera is already very good to make videos like interviews and landscapes, I find that when it comes time to take a video of a product on a table can not be positioned close enough to properly see the details. A 2X zoom is good to crop the image, but would be 5x better and above all it must be optical zoom, not digital does not lose quality.

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    Re: Editing Flip Video via Movie Maker

    Flip Mino HD is a very good camera that can easily replace a conventional camcorder in a vast majority of cases. The video quality is impressive as its ease of use. If you are looking for a quick and convenient little camera for capturing precious moments .Flip devices are what I call iPod of video recording. They are compact and can easily shoot scenes (in high definition or not) which will then be easily transferred to a computer through the USB port to the device. t has a 4 GB memory that can record 60 minutes of video. It may seem a little short, but running multiple cameras with cassettes offer substantially the same recording time. Transfer to a computer is very simple and rather quick to do. The MinoHD is really compact.

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    Re: Editing Flip Video via Movie Maker

    One thing which I do not like about the same is that the screen measures only 1.5 inches. It is still quite a small screen but you must not also do not forget that the camera itself is not very big. I would still prefer a slightly larger screen. The screen itself is of good quality. Even in daylight, it is possible to see what is filmed. Anyway, it would have been really stupid to build such a device with a screen that does not tolerate the sun. On average, the battery lasts about two hours. There is not a big deal with the video conversion and support. It work smooth with all other video editing software. The Flip MinoHD can rotate the video in high definition to an 720p or even to 1080p. The camera records 30 frames per second

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