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Thread: How can I able to run GWbasic in windows 7

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    How can I able to run GWbasic in windows 7

    I have a system in my home with intel core 2 duo processor and I upgraded my current operating system of windows XP to the windows 7. Since my processor is capable to install the 64-bit operating system on my motherboard. It is compatible in my processor so I try to install it on my computer. Since it is installed properly in my computer. I just want to know that GWbasic is compatible with the windows 7 since it is performing well in windows xp I m not sure it will work r not in this operating system. So anyone have any suggestion for this post. Then please reply me on this thread. Ant assistance will be appreciated.

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    Re: How can I able to run GWbasic in windows 7

    GW-BASIC was one of the chief languages performed on the PC as well as it is yet helpful in learning the rudiments of computer programming as well as smaller value programs. It still performs on Microsoft Windows PC through Windows xp, although not in a window, but usually on the black screen performed for MS-DOS programming on top of that will arise when you select on the GWBASIC icon. GW-BASIC is a construe language in the computer which explains that it isn't compiling. You write the program in or copy as well as paste it into a text (MS word) file saved through the filename as a .BAS suffix, bounded by quote marks. Incoming "run" will begin the program. GW-BASIC utilizes line numbers as well as runs even saves files among a ".BAS" suffix in the same file as the analyst. You can too run a curriculum by "dragging as well as dipping" the program above of the interpreter.

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    Re: How can I able to run GWbasic in windows 7

    Yeah, I don’t think so that GWBasic will work efficiently on the windows 7. Windows 7 is not compatible with the GWBasic version. There is no update for the GWBasic language for the windows 7. Since it is the language that runs efficiently on the windows xp because this language runs generally on the 16-bit processor very well. Hence as you mentioned that it had perform better in windows xp. So my suggestion is that don’t try to install the GWBasic in windows 7 since the version is not compatible with the current processor which is currently running on.

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    Re: How can I able to run GWbasic in windows 7

    If you have the older version of the GWBasic language cd then try to install the software for it in your system. Though it may not support since you running on the windows 7 64-bit. Once it is installed properly on the system then try to update for the GWBasic form the internet. You must download this software which will be compatible with the 64 processor. Generally you can hardly get this up gradation software from the website. Because this software is specially designed for the 16-bit processor and windows 7 does not run on 16-bitb processor. Though I think that this is the only method through which you will able to run the GWBasic software on your windows76 64-bit.

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