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Thread: DV-AVI files needs a lossless compression

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    DV-AVI files needs a lossless compression

    I am looking for some kind of compression tool which will not affect the files. I need a lossless compressor so that I can crush DV-AVI files 2:1 or more. I need it like to be archived files so that then I can convert those file back to DV for some kind of editing purpose. The editing will be performed with the likes of Premiere. So my demand is that the process should be moderately straightforward of CPU time. Do you have any idea about such kind of compressor? I hope that someone might have at least one suggestion for this.

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    Re: DV-AVI files needs a lossless compression

    I am Sorry to say this that you aren't permitted to utilize lossless and compression in the same verdict. DV is previously cute compressed. Still recompression to the similar codec is measured somewhat to let alone, if you be capable of. If you hack that in partially you will probably perceive some weakening, but if you then alter that in Premiere it will undergo one more recompression and changes everything to bare minimum. If you then place that to DVD, you will acquire an additional cause another coating of serious recompression. Contrast to a VHS dub, it will still appear pretty superior, but it will be fairly a bit diverse from the excellence of your inventive DV footage.

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    Re: DV-AVI files needs a lossless compression

    There are without a doubt state of affairs were lossless compression can be accomplished. (For E.g. RLE coding of cartoons) Conversely DV is not amongst them. You can struggle and zip a DV file and in all probability get a few % compressions. This is for the reason that there is a few recurring (non-video) data in the DV frames that is proper for solidity. The compacted video will not squeeze further without beating of picture eminence. Nevertheless, if you decompress the DV frames and recompress them with a good MPEG codec you may be capable to catch a lofty rate of compression with a fairly little lack in picture value.

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    Re: DV-AVI files needs a lossless compression

    This query keeps banging up over and over, but the respond is obvious. For extended period archiving and backups, mini-DV tapes are the merely reasonable technique to set off. Assuming that you obtain recording on mini-DV, your backups will be in the identical format. If these cases so then just duplicate your original camera masters from floor to deck or camera to camera. The normal tapes can hold 13GB+ that is over an hour DV-AVI video for a small amount. Why struggle to compress to a file and drop class and keep your significant and seemingly exceptional video recording on unsafe magnetic impermanent storeroom like a HDD?

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