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Thread: Need antivirus for fresh windows 7 operating system

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    Need antivirus for fresh windows 7 operating system

    I am using computer from last three years since I started using computer. Actually within three years I have formatted PC almost ten times because of the virus are affected the system very badly. But this time I need to install the new operating system that is windows 7 and previously I was using windows XP. I was also having NOD32 antivirus into the system but it leaves small amount of footprints and not any issue with it. I want to ask you all which one is the best antivirus for me to use into the system. Please help me.

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    Re: Need antivirus for fresh windows 7 operating system

    I believe Avira antivirus is the best option for the system protection. Avira AntiVir Personal is for private utilize only and free of charge. Like most antivirus software, it examines disks for malware and as well runs as a background procedure, examination every opened and congested folder. It can notice and perhaps take away rootkits. It also executes Internet updates (every day by defaulting) in which it unlock a window, by means of an announcement suggestive of that the consumer buy Avira AntiVir Premium or Avira Premium Security Suite.

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    Re: Need antivirus for fresh windows 7 operating system

    MSE is a security suite intended for customers and lacks central management characteristic which are establish in Microsoft Forefront customer Security. It comprises the similar anti-malware locomotive and virus description that all extra Microsoft desktop anti-malware products contribute to, including Forefront customer Security, Windows Live OneCare, and Windows protector. Previous to installation, MSE make sure for the strength of the installed replica of Microsoft Windows. MSE need no registration or personal data. MSE will immobilize Windows protector, as it gives protection alongside malware, not incomplete to spyware and adware.

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    Re: Need antivirus for fresh windows 7 operating system

    I am using the Kaspersky Anti-Virus as it provides me the best security for the system. It characteristic comprises real-time security, recognition and elimination of viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, adware, keyloggers malevolent apparatus and auto-dialers, as fine as finding and elimination of root kits. It too includes immediate mechanical inform by means of the "Kaspersky Security Network" service. Windows consumer might download an Anti-Virus save Disk that scans the mass computer during booting within isolated Linux surroundings. In adding, Kaspersky Anti-Virus put off itself from being put out of action by malware with no consumer authorization by means of code word access prompts upon disabling security fundamentals and varying inner settings. It also examine incoming instant courier traffic, mechanically disables links to recognized malware hosting position while using Internet Explorer or Firefox and comprise free of charge Technical Support and free of charge product upgrades inside paid-subscription stage. Kaspersky Lab at present present 1 year, 2 year and 3 year contribution.

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    Re: Need antivirus for fresh windows 7 operating system

    I think Norton 360 is the finest to utilize for the security function of the system. When Norton 360 edition 2.0 is installed, consumer has come across incompatibilities improvement to Windows XP Service Pack 3 or Windows Vista Service Pack 1. Consumer information frequent illogical Windows Registry keys being extra by an instrument named fixcss.exe, resultant in an unfilled Device Manager and missing strategy such as wireless system adapters. Symantec initially responsible Microsoft for the incompatibilities but has because established incomplete liability.

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