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Thread: How to remove Bitlocker in professional Windows 7

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    How to remove Bitlocker in professional Windows 7

    After each boot I found in the event that the log error messages that Bitlocker not had access to volumes. There are volumes without a drive letter. My system is Windows 7 Professional. This has no Bitlocker and thus do not BitlockerWizard.exe. Probably the problem originated by a system repair, upgrade, and now I have a Professional Ultimate hybrid. The launch of the service and the filter driver does not to use Bitlocker possibility of no meaning. I want to disable the components of Bitlocker so far as possible or removed. Disabling the service does not change. Disable fvevol.sys has only led to that I had pretty deep into the backup box. The boot was no longer possible. Who knows the set screws, which are operated normally with the Wizard?

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    Re: How to remove Bitlocker in professional Windows 7

    In this the two were probably from an older Win7 installation that you had problems? What in your BCD store still true is the startup manager to the fact of the bent Device on drive D: - this would have to stand partition \ Device \ HarddiskVolume1 & no path, but what disturbs or should not as a quick test showed. The first entry in boot loader on C: is still okay, but the rest up to the proper sequence Number is garbage and causes the driver complained of you to complain fvevol.sys. Inherit & Resume & Recovery sequence is missing, and the last on X: shows completely. Should BCD Store clean build or re-fix the problem.

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    Re: How to remove Bitlocker in professional Windows 7

    May cause a defective SSD. One day, when starting the Media Center just a box cannot be started ". Therefore, I have Windows 7 by means of upgrading again "over" install. Later I noticed then the error messages on the event log. On the partitions without letters, such as the 100MB Bitlocker partition, should simply not be accessed - there is old stuff on it or a second system, etc. I have enough backups. It just annoys me that you bought a Windows Bitlocker without conscious and that's on it then and still nothing, but not the Bitlockerwizard.exe. The excitement about Windows 7 I can not quite understand. If it is not an OEM version would I have MS been "harassed"? I have not used in the context. I can see that Bitlocker is active. I would help with the Bitlocker wizard.exe or when someone logs the shutdown by using Bitlocker ProcMon. I will now install only the third time an old backup system and have a look at the detail.

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    Re: How to remove Bitlocker in professional Windows 7

    I think it is not, of course, if the filter drivers are loaded from fvevol.sys Bitlocker always have, why, although I'm not officially known about the Bitlocker. What does not turn may also not go broke. I've got a system without extra Bitlocker bought! The filter driver for me is Bitlocker. What has been left out, these are just the "fittings" wizard, and the machine is always running with awesome. I do not intend to refer to other OS, which is something uninstalled by deleting it. This registry is a very miserable nuisance.

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