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Thread: Is there any proper search function in Windows 7?

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    Is there any proper search function in Windows 7?

    Hello friends it has been so long that I have been using this Windows 7 operating system. I have each and every idea about this operating system because I am using this from such a long time. I have one doubt that needs to be solved, in any Windows operating system we have the search options in the start up menu that helps us to search any thing that we want. But I would want to know that is there any special option in the operating system that helps us instruct the OS to search in the specified region of the system. So any one who knows about this help me to get the idea about this.

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    Re: Is there any proper search function in Windows 7?

    Hey I think that when you select the when you open the search option in the start up menu, over there you have the advanced search options that helps you search with more advanced technique. You can find that search option at the bellow of the Search box by dropping down the search list. You also have other options to narrow your search, such as file type, date modified, location, etc.

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    Re: Is there any proper search function in Windows 7?

    Hey I think that the only search option that is available is in the start menu where you can search for any thing that you want. There are various options that are available through whcih you can search anything you want. You can either select file, folder,images etc and then press OK and then it will search for all the related files that you have mentioned in the text box. This is the only options that are available for searching any thing that you want.

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