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Thread: I want to run Access 2003 application in Windows 7

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    I want to run Access 2003 application in Windows 7

    Recently I have developed a quite complex Access 2003 application which runs fine under XP for years. Now I am changing to Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit mode. I am not able to find out how to get this important Access application to migrate to my original environment. I am actually not anxious to do a rewrite. I was not able to buy and install the XP Compatibility mode. But then I would require installing Access 2003 on this computer. And I think it does not make much sense. I was able to purchase the new Access. But in fact it does not run in 64 bit mode either. And if it did, it looks like a important rewrite. So if any other ideas you have so please tell me how I can obtain this Access 2003 application running in Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit?

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    Re: I want to run Access 2003 application in Windows 7

    There is really no particular reason I am able to believe of as to why your application does not run. I am running a 10 year old version of FoxPro on my present windows seven 7 box, and it runs presently very well. So your access 2003 application should run very well in windows. This includes the 64 bit edition. There is totally no need to improve your version of office here. Concerning the only suggestion I am able to make and keep your Access mdb files AWAY from the "c:\program files" area. This is only a security subject and windows 7 very much make tighter up and restricts any applications data from being utilized in that area. So, either create a folder in drive C, or simply place the application inside of my documents or some other common place where you can be sure of having right file permissions. And, case in point you should not require to buys or setup XP compatibility mode. You might desire to enlarge on what is not working here. Did your office install not go properly, or is it the real particular access application that is not effective? And related to this I have lots of customers and clients running by my Access 2003 applications on windows 7 boxes, counting win 7, 64 bit edition. So it is not clear which part is recently not working over here. The first problem is did the office 2003 disk install correctly? Are you able run the other applications such as word and excel?

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    Re: I want to run Access 2003 application in Windows 7

    I am really sorry but whatever solution you have given over here is not that much useful. Searching through Google reveal many people along with Access 2003 matters in 64 bit Windows. Here is my story and I will take all the help I am able to obtain. I just built an innovative computer by using Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. My older computer was Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit. On my 32 bit system, Office 2003 Professional ran perfectly. After I made the new computer, I had 2 troubles with Office 2003. The first was Outlook 2003 would not start if not I ran it as an administrator. I altered the outlook.exe properties to do that and it now runs well but only after I obtain the dialogue regarding allowing the program to create alters. The second and continuing matter is that Access 2003 doesn’t run at all. When I tick on the icon to run it, the Office 2003 Installer starts, speaks it configuring Access, the progress bar runs half of the way and then it vanishes and Access 2003 doesn’t start. I established or you can say that I have gotten a fix on-line that require a registry modification but the registry key identified doesn’t continue living in the location the article states. Further inquiry says that I should be looking in WOW6432Node for the reason that Access 2003 makes use of 32 bit keys. I immediately found this out and will see if I am able to adapt the fix I found to this original location. Also, the fix stated that Office SP3 fixed the matter but I have SP3 installed and still have the trouble. I am pretty confident it is the 32 bit vs 64 bit registry that is the matter. So, common statements that programs should work very well in 64 bit Windows are easy to create but not always accurate.

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    Re: I want to run Access 2003 application in Windows 7

    Currently I am using the Office 32 bit on my Windows 7 64 bit machine without any single problems. While it is true that a number of had subjects most have not. So let us obtain a number of basic facts regarding your specific matter.
    1. Is Office 2003 the simply version of Office on your machine?
    2. Is Access 2003 the simply version of Access on your machine?
    3. Have you confident that you have Administrator privileges?
    4. Please provide the full name of the version of Office 2003 that you are using currently.
    5. Have you installed any version of Office on your machine since installing Office 2003?
    6. Did you admit that the Default Location when installing?
    7. Do you have a difficulty in running any other parts?

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    Re: I want to run Access 2003 application in Windows 7

    I have also faced this kind of issue actually 4 months ago I am also going through this with the seven 64 and access 2003 and the office 2010. In that I locked on the net devoid of any solution. When I uninstalled the Access 2010, all became usual. So if you want then you can try this solution. I hope this will surely going to help you.

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