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Thread: MS Office 2010: Spell Checker does not work In Word and Outlook 2010

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    MS Office 2010: Spell Checker does not work In Word and Outlook 2010

    Hello friends, I had currently installed the Office 2010 pro plus Beta on my Windows 7, previously I was using the MS Office 2003 professional. I have set the options in to the Outlook for always check spelling before sending the only corrections done are capitalizing first letter in a sentence and days of the week. The spell check does not seem to be working properly. How can I get it to perform better? No misspelled words are corrected automatically or even manually in either Word or Outlook. A manual spell check always finds no errors. I have already tried repairing the installation. How can I activate the broken spell checker?

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    Re: MS Office 2010: Spell Checker does not work In Word and Outlook 2010

    I had the solution for it. It is very simple to apply. First go in to the registry key there is the folder named called “override”. Actually this folder does not exist. Delete it from your registry and now everything will work just fine. Here is the culprit for it:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Proofing Tools\1.0\Override
    this is what creating the problem the problem for your checker. Now your spell checker will hopefully work in your word or your MS outlook. after you delete this reg entry it will start working right way, no reboot is required for it.

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    Re: MS Office 2010: Spell Checker does not work In Word and Outlook 2010

    To enable the spell check in to the Outlook try out this steps: first click on to the file tab and then select options. In the options window, when you in the option window select mail from the left sidebar. Now go in to the mail settings, in that you can see option to enable spell check under compose settings. Check the box against “Always check spelling before sending”. You can also set the spelling and auto correct settings using the button on the right side. Once you have enabled spell check, next time you sent a mail, Outlook will automatically do spell check before you send the email.

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    Re: MS Office 2010: Spell Checker does not work In Word and Outlook 2010

    Alternately you can make use of the built-in spell checker that is also available for the web browser such as Firefox and the Google chrome. You need to simply install and configure so called extension and then after when you write any word in any of the Windows of the browser is automatically spell checked and it will mark as red if the error is found. Also we can install the additional external software that you can install on your system. They automatically works in the background and check for the spelling mistakes that you had done. If you require any such software search it with the help of the Google search engine. It will also find you out the many other software for automatic spell check. It will help you out.

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    Re: MS Office 2010: Spell Checker does not work In Word and Outlook 2010

    The Microsoft Office products provide the external options for the automatic spell check such as auto spell check in word 2007 or the auto spell check in the Outlook 2007. Very similarly the MS Word has the automatic spell check features. It can be easily turned on or off with the help of the Word 2010. First checks on the File menu, in that go to the options. In that select the proofing options and then navigate to the correcting spelling and the grammar in the word section. It will have the check box with label as the check spelling as you type. When you check this field, it will then turn on the automatic spell check as you type on the word 2010. Very similarly Microsoft outlook also provides the auto spell check same to the auto spell features that are available in the word. The option is available under the Tools, and then option menu. Under that Mail format now click on to the Editor Options button. This would display the Editor Options window. Click on the Proofing section and tick the check box Check spelling as you type under when correcting spelling in Outlook section. This would enable the auto spell check in Outlook 2010.

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