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Thread: Task That Are Duplicated In The Outlook 2010

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    Task That Are Duplicated In The Outlook 2010

    I have performed many of my task using the outlook 2010 and the newer version is the best to use for all the purpose of the mailing and getting of the important data that can be used for the purpose of the work. Whenever I try to put some task in the outlook the it creates the copy of the task that has been created by me and then the task in shown in multiple displays. And when I try to delete one of the task both the tasks are deleted together and I cannot see the task that has been created by me in it. Please help me out with this issue and how it can be removed from the version of 2010 that I am using.

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    Re: Task That Are Duplicated In The Outlook 2010

    For solving the issue of the duplication of the task you can follow the following steps that are given below:
    1. First you got got to the Control Panel then you got to go to the User Accounts And Family Support. After going to the option of the above control panel and in that the above link you will get the option of the Mail which is 32-bit and then you can use the feature of it.
    2. After that you got to open it and then go to the profile option.
    3. After that once when you are in the profile option go and hit the profile option and then click on to the show profile option in it.
    4. A new window will be displayed in which your active profile will be highlighted.
    5. After that you can go to the properties option and in that check out and find your E-mail accounts and all the data files.
    6. You only require only one file for that you got to click on to the one of the files and then use it for your use.
    7. Then after that you can perform multiple task together and see that the tack are nor being repeated.

    It will surely work for you.

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    Re: Task That Are Duplicated In The Outlook 2010

    Also see that you are not synchronizing any device with the Microsoft Outlook that you are using because if you are synchronizing any device with the Microsoft then it will cause you the problem of the duplication and also the task will be deleted if any of the copies that are being created by you are deleted. The specific task that are being performed by you are created a duplicate form if they are synchronized by other device while you are performing the task on that file that is being used by you.

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    Re: Task That Are Duplicated In The Outlook 2010

    Synchronizing not only with the other device but also with the mobile phone can cause you problems. The other option is that you can also upgrade the software version that you are using by installing the newer version of the Outlook software and then also you can also keep the back up of the files that you are using. The back-up can be used if in any of the case when any of the files that are being deleted because of the duplication you can be got back if you are using and keeping all the back-up files. The Back-up files play an important role if the files are being duplicated then you can keep all the files in some other location and then get the data back to its original location and then use it.

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    Re: Task That Are Duplicated In The Outlook 2010

    I was first using the version of the outlook 2007 and was having the same problem with it. But the I upgraded the system of the version of the 2007 to 2010 and also I have made the set-up of the two different exchange servers that can be used in two different servers and so I had a doubt that the creating of the two partition might have created the problem in it. But I don't know why now this problem is not faced by me. Also I have tried out by recreating the account but it did not worked for me instead it created some other hanging problem in the Outlook.

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    Re: Task That Are Duplicated In The Outlook 2010

    It happens sometime if you use the work of doing the changing of the profile works for the duplication of the task that are performed in the Outlook. This option are perfectly were given by the engineers that are attempting to perform the work of the and also make sure that all the files that are being used for same work and also it should not be kept in another files. And make sure that were ever you are keeping the files you should keep all the data safe in it so that it is not viewed by any other user so that the same copy cannot be created in it.

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