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Thread: How to recover Outlook 2007 Data File using Microsoft backup

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    How to recover Outlook 2007 Data File using Microsoft backup

    My HP laptop which is configured as 2GB ram along with the 256GB hard disk and windows 7 32-bit platform. Running Outlook 2007 Business contact manager(BSM). I run the Windows backup program and my machine is simply crashed. Then I go for the new mother board and hard drive and create a new window environment with the windows 7 64-bit system architecture. There also installed the same outlook version. Run again the Windows backup command for recover the earlier sub-directories. It backed up all the files except the outlook file, is it not backed up with the Windows backup? Can anyone suggest me to how do this operation? Any information will appreciated greatly.

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    Re: How to recover Outlook 2007 Data File using Microsoft backup

    I suggest you to replace all the outlook BSM files in your machine with the service command. So first go to the start menu search option and insert severices.msc in the command line and hit ENTER. It will appear the services window in your screen. In that list search for the services of outlook like the VSS writer, MSSMLBIZ SQL server and the other services of server (that you are suing with the outlook application) and the outlook application, select any one of the service and right click on it and choose the disable option. In this select one by one all the service of server and the outlook application, disable all of them. Now try to back up all the files of outlook with the help of Windows backup.
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    Re: How to recover Outlook 2007 Data File using Microsoft backup

    Though the old files are not backed up so BCM files are not backed using the back-up tool. So replace the entire database file with the earlier data base files, with the format .ldf and .mdf. remember that no old files will be renamed. Suppose if the earlier file is MSSbusiness.ldf the after replacing et file name should be MSSbusiness.mdf. But in the windows 7 platform these files are not able to seen in the log file, these are hidden either ion the program file or in the server file location. So to rename them you have to first unhide them and then rename them. For that go to the control panel and under that select the Appearance and Personalization tab now click on folder option and unhide all the files, then go to the each of the server file and rename them.
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    Re: How to recover Outlook 2007 Data File using Microsoft backup

    Import all the pst files of outlook application with the simply by the Microsoft outlook backup technique. You can do this with the import and export option from the outlook application. This is the simplest way to backup the outlook files. I did the same process for getting all the earlier version of outlook file in my machine. So I recommend you to do the backup with the same process, this will works file.

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