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Thread: Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 crashes on execution

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    Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 crashes on execution

    I have recently upgraded to Windows office 07. Now the problem is with my Microsoft power point. It has happened quite frequently everytime i work on the power point while executing it crashes and gives me an error which is very difficult to understand it has happened quite frequently. Then the only solution left is to re boot the system. After re booting, i again have to continue with the session then it works fine. The problem i have noticed is when i run a excel in the same session, at that time the PowerPoint crashes frequently. I also have tried running in the safe mode but to no avail it still crashes. My operating system is windows vista 64 bit. So please do provide me with some useful solutions it will be a great help for me.

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    Re: Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 crashes on execution

    When you are working on the safe mode you can try solving the various errors which is found while working in the windows. If its not possible there then the vista offers you a new feature called as clean boot. Where you can start with the minimum driver's and start up program's. If there is any problem resulted due to the performance of the software then it will get easily solved in the safe boot. To get into the Clean boot mode you have to type msconfig in search tab the system configuration utility will open. After doing this you have to select the options according to your working style. Then you have the options to stop the various servers running in the computer. After disabling all the servers then click OK. It will enter the clean boot state.

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    Re: Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 crashes on execution

    If you ask me i would say that if the power point is crashing during the slide show view then you must try updating your video drivers may be it is not supporting. i will also advice you to run an Office diagnostics in your computer. What it will do is possibly scan all your system and will test your hard drive to check for any problems in the hard drive, it will test the integrity of memory from RAM, it will also check if the computer is updated by the Microsoft office service , if it is not then it is necessary to update from the office service. At the end it will get the review of the data on possibly what is the exact cause of the problem and will connect you online to the various solutions from the Microsoft websites. For performing this diagnostics test you have to insert the windows office CD. So just try this solution it will work for you.

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    Re: Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 crashes on execution

    If you are working in the excel and the powerpoint in the same session then it must not be the cause of the problem as the various data can be exported and imported in the Ms Office feature. So i don't think so Excel should be the main concern behind the power point crash. So leave alone the excel topic. My focus would be on the Microsoft vista. Just try running the same PowerPoint file in the system having operating system windows xp if the same problem arises then possibly a file might have got corrupted from your powerpoint software. If it is working fine then the problem is with the vista may be vista is giving some configuration problems for office 07 so keep the office 07 updated. Try with this solution it may help.

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