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Thread: Windows 7: VLC Media player is not running

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    Windows 7: VLC Media player is not running

    I am having a Dell Inspiron laptop with windows 7 environment. Recent installed the VLC player with the latest version, and after install that one facing problem while tried to play any music and video fine basically the movie. It freezes during playing the file, it stops playing and require to the program, after I am not able to stop that one directly I have to stop that from the process tab of windows task-bar. Not able to see any video in VLC, I like this player that is why i don't want to go for other player. Is there anyone who can help me by provide me any solution for this problem?

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    Re: Windows 7: VLC Media player is not running

    There should be one solution as per my knowledge, for that I don’t think so you can able to do this form the start menu installation file of this media player, you go to the control panel and select the Program feature option, where look for the VLC media player, select that one and click on uninstall or remove option. I mentioned this because this was also happened with me, and I was also not able to remove the install file of media player, after that I remove that one form this process. After that try to reinstall the media player into your machine. i hope this time oyu will not encountered any problem with VLC media player.
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    Re: Windows 7: VLC Media player is not running

    I have a simple solution to solve the problem, as per my knowledge I think this problem should e occur for the plug in of the media player that you installed for the VLC. Open the VLC media player, click on the setting menu option and go to the Preferences option of the player, expand the video option and select the “Output modules” option. Don’t expand that one just click on this, in the lower corner of that window you will found the advance option, click on that option to proceed the window of advance option. Make sure all the plug in are properly configured with the player and that are working fine. Select the output module with the plug in that you are using, like the “DirectX“ or “Windows GDI”.
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    Re: Windows 7: VLC Media player is not running

    I think the codec file of the media player is not properly installed in your machine. So I like to recommend you to download and install the appropriate codec file for the VLC medial player. One of my friends was facing the similar issue with the VLC media player, and he did this, now there is no problem with any video file format. But remember that you have to update the codec file with the latest version frequently. Try with this, I sure this will help you.

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