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Thread: SSD Tweak Utility - Maximum Performance

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    SSD Tweak Utility - Maximum Performance

    The SSD Tweak Utility owners should really know, because it is optimized on obtaining optimal performance with small tweaks and also to protect the SSD on the fly, by needless settings are turned off, simply make no sense at a SSD. If you're an early adopter of technology, solid state drive, odds are you're interested in squeezing every last drop of performance out of the system or else it probably would not have spent $ 300 for 80GB of storage (or much more than a few months ago). There is a wealth of information it had about SSD and with a little tweaking 'the search will find various adjustments for Windows that can help you make the most of your units. You can download the SSD Tweaker from here.

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    Re: SSD Tweak Utility - Maximum Performance

    A user on the OCZ forum has created a utility that allows centralized access to all points of the popular SSD configuration within Windows. The SSD Tweak Utility allows you to play with the following:
    • Windows Indexing Service
    • System Restore
    • Windows Defrag
    • Use large cache system
    • Memory usage ntfs
    • Disable 8.3 filenames
    • Disable Date Stamping
    • Disable Start Tracing
    • Windows Prefetcher
    • Windows Vista Superfetch
    • Windows Services

    The software is companionable with Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7 (32 and 64-bit). It is also appeal mentioning that the program makes alterations only to Windows operating system level, so it should work with any make or model SSD. I tried with a second-generation Intel X25-M on Windows 7 Home Premium and Ultimate x64 and x86 of Windows XP without quandaries. The SSD Tweak Utility suggests immobilizing the settings to optimize performance SSD, and if you're a little uncertain there is an auto-tweak that gives a speedy walkthrough. This should be a great totaling to a tip we ran in about the recovery of storage legroom with a few simple steps from within Windows.

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    Re: SSD Tweak Utility - Maximum Performance

    I am having a HP Pavilion a1300, with operating system as Windows 7 and RAM 4 GB. I lately bought a PNY 128GB SSD. The SSD did not speed up my system as fast as I imagined it would but there was a perceptible progress. I used the SSD Tweak Utility and dissolution another minor gain in performance. But still, nothing like I imagined. Also, my SSD seems to not be there when I first power on my system (but not after a straightforward reboot). I find myself having to reboot one extra time after power-up to get the system to see the SSD. I suppose that the SSD goes through some sort of initialization upon power-up and is not prepared when the BIOS look for it. But this is untainted assumption. It's a negligible irritation though. All and all, my PNY SSD does speed up my system a bit, but I'm not certain it's worth the $ 350.00 that I paid.

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    Re: SSD Tweak Utility - Maximum Performance

    It's significant for everyone taking into consideration the purchase of SSDs. numerous things to keep in mind when anticipating performance I / O increases. First, most PC, Mac, and laptop Consumers will have bus-to-disk interface concerns as the outdated SATA 2.0 standard SSD will relentlessly limit throughput. However, that's only one of quite a lot of issues effecting SSD performance in inheritance consumer electronics, at least for now. Until manufacturers release new products supporting the updated six SATA 3.0 gigabit standards, Consumers will have to look for substitutes to avoid the outdated legacy SATA 2.0 standards which computers are lumbered with. One way to do this is to purchase SSDs, Whether single or multi-layer cell (Both variants haves dissimilar applications), in the form of arrays directly integrated into or PCIe cards for PCs and Mac Pros Monster OCZ have the most reasonable prices (subjectively debatable) But will guarantee about 500 MB / S of raw speed, and at the higher end, the Fusion I / O Dual PCIe card is guaranteed at a sweltering 1.5 GB / S. For laptop users, it's not recommended to endeavor to replace standard HDDs for SSDs, Simply because laptop's manufacture chipsets presently do not support higher throughput and SSD are only configured to support the HHD Slower I / O speeds. Therefore, and unless you're looking for non-volatile archiving to abolish potential failures HDD, SSD throughput gains are negligible. Also, Consumers need to look at SSD manufacturer Ware Leveling and garbage collection skill in order to make certain that remain their transparently optimized SSDs. Additionally; optimization is better handled in Windows 7.

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    Re: SSD Tweak Utility - Maximum Performance

    OCZ's SSD Tweak Utility (freeware) will assist organize and optimize most operating systems conducting SSDs as well. In OCZ's case, look for their new JetStream Indilinx controller card technology which is considered the most excellent in the SSD market space. Intel has made tramps some with their SSD optimization patches, But Intel's SSDs are way overpriced for the quantity of space you get. For laptop users, if Consumers are looking for laptops to include SSD technology, then make sure to request about the chipset manufacturer's ability to handle the higher speeds SSDs can handle, even if some laptops embrace both SSDs and HDDs. Apple's MacBook Pro line is a superior case in point, which is why Apple amalgamates dissimilar integrated chipsets for laptops with SSDs versus HDDs. Therefore, when making new purchases for any innovative consumer electronics such as PCs, Macs or laptops, Consumers Should consider first the following updated standards: SATA 3.0, USB 3.0, Bluetooth 3.0 and WiFi'd (Com Direct Known as WiFi) as these standards momentous improvement in performance will make everywhere. Hope this helps to provide some additional approaching.

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