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Thread: Problem with Windows Live Sync (Beta)

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    Problem with Windows Live Sync (Beta)

    I install Windows Live Sync Beta little time ago, and every time I reboot my PC, WLS Beta crashes with a come up error communication saying: "Sorry, there was a problem with Windows Live Sync". The error also says "If the mistake persists, please reinstall Windows Live Sync". I tried reinstalling but that did not help. Windows Live Sync Beta runs well if I allow going the error and launching WLS manually. I zipped the Windows Live Sync log folder after I restart my desktop today. I am running Windows 7 x86 on my desktop. I have a Windows 7 x64 laptop on which the error does not take place, except when the x86 desktop is ON with WLS Beta running. Please help.

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    Re: Problem with Windows Live Sync (Beta)

    You need to traced it to a hidden “Live Mesh” folder that be satisfying up with gigabyte ahead temporary files. You did not set Live Sync to synchronize to your files with SkyDrive, just crossways the PCs. This bypass the 2GB maximum storage frontier you have with the SkyDrive Live Sync storage, allow you to harmonize any amount of files you want. It transpired that Live Sync wasn’t just synchronizing files but creation copies of everything first, totally filling up the Windows drives on all your PCs and bringing Windows to a halt.

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    Re: Problem with Windows Live Sync (Beta)

    By default the Live Sync offer you options for syncing your Documents and Pictures, and left by these options you must be fine. Be warned although that if you have actually large numbers of files, despite of how up to date the copy are on each PC, Live Sync can very rapidly brings your computers to a standstill. In this You need to trying to synchronise your music library (and this was pretty up to date on each of my computers).

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    Re: Problem with Windows Live Sync (Beta)

    The Live Sync warns you that it will put back Mesh and require you to re-sync with the web store, fair enough. I synced up my files from one machine to the new web store without a problem. Then I probable Live Sync would realize the files on all additional machines would be equal and require no syncing. No such luck. All the files on all machines require resyncing – a real negative, even although this process is completely automatic. Microsoft's Windows Live SkyDrive offers 25GB of storage in the cloud, for free. It has a choice of neat features: shared photo albums, integration with the new Hotmail and Office Web Apps, and RSS feeds.

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    Re: Problem with Windows Live Sync (Beta)

    When you put in the Live Essentials Beta, make sure to choose to install Sync. Click Install at that time you’ve selected the components you desire to install. The installer will currently download and install or update your applications depending on your settings. If you had Mesh installed previously, you will notice a notification as it uninstalls during the setup. When it’s finished installing, you may need to reboot your computer before you can use Live Sync. Make sure to put in Essentials on all computers you need to sync!. Once your computer is rebooted, you can try to run Sync. Strangely, the Live Essentials setup does not uninstall previous versions of Live Sync, so if you have the older version installed you will require uninstalling it first.

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