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Thread: Issue on Desktop environment

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    Issue on Desktop environment

    I am using the DELL computer with the windows XP service pack 2 operating system compatibility, the looks and the security features are very fine with the operating system. But from the few days I am having problem on the desktop environment. The problem is there are no desktop icon and the task bar in the desktop window and only the task manager and the wallpaper are showing. I am just unable to access the option with the task manager, and also by the new task in the desktop. I tried by the explore or open the application by the right click on the MY COMPUTER, after that I am able to retrieve the task bar and the desktop icon, but for that I have to restart the machine every time or to lo9g off the machine. What should I do? Any suggestion will be appreciated….

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    Re: Issue on Desktop environment

    It will might be overcome by the repair of the operating system; I think the problem is on the operating system. But before that you should back up the important data in the separate drive or in the CD or the DVD, while you attempting the repair of the operating system, and make sure that there should be no appear the warning message. Otherwise if you don’t do this them you might be loose the important data of the machine. Insert the disk of the operating system boot the machine and make the option of the Repair of the operating system with the correct options. You can use the OEM XP Pro version of the operating system. The repair will remove all the files of the existing operating system and will install the new version of the system file into the machine. And after the repair of the operating system I hope the problem that you are facing, will be fix.

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    Re: Issue on Desktop environment

    I also like to suggest you to do the repair of the operating system that you are install in our machine. I had the similar issue with the same problem then I also make the repair of the operating system and now there is no problem on the desktop icon and with the other issue. First you boot the machine by inserting the CD of the operating system. Before the boot you have to change the BIOS setting from the CD of the operating system. Check the document of the system BIOS boot order. After pressing the key for the boot of the disk the Welcome to the Set up screen will appear, select the set up, and press on the ENTER. In the window you will found the option to repair the window by select the “Repair the Window”, hit on NETRE to start the operation of the window repair. It will take more time to complete the installation, after complete the repair window, it will require the reboot of the machine, do this. Don’t connect with the internet immediately and remember that before connecting with the Internet enable the windows XP firewall option. It will update the necessary updates of the windows while you connect with the internet.

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    Re: Issue on Desktop environment

    I think there is a problem on the task manager, make sure that all the programs of the machine is completely running under the task manager with the explorer. For the press the CTRL+ALT+DELETE, it will open the task manager window. Check for the explorer of the window, whether it running or not. Click on the file menu it will open the new task window by clicking on the new task option under the File menu of the task manager. Type the keyword “Explorer” and click on OK. Windows explorer will restart with the running task in the machine. I hope this will help you to access the Taskbar and the windows icon.

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    Re: Issue on Desktop environment

    I suggest you to log in the machine with the another user, if this will shows you the desktop icon and the task bar of the window the make a account with the newly created user. And copy all the settings from the user account into the newly created account. For the operating follow the step by step process.
    1. Reboot the computer. press F8 for the appearing for the boot screen.
    2. Go to the Windows Advanced Options Menu, and select the Safe Mode, and hit on ENTER.
    3. select which operating system(Microsoft Windows XP edition) and then press ENTER.
    4. click on the user name screen, click on the Administrator.
    5. Type the administrator password(In some cases the admin password is appearing as the blank screen), and then click on OK.
    6. Click on Yes to close the safe mode windows running state.
    7. Go to Start, right-click on My Computer, and then click on Manage under properties.
    8. Expand Local Users and Groups, under the Computer Management (Local).
    9. Right-click the Users folder and then click New User.
    10. Type the user name and password in the appropriate boxes; also retype the password for the confirmation of the original password that you insert.
    11. If you do not want to assign a password, then do not type a password in the Password or confirm password boxes. You can change the password in the next window.
    11. Click Create, click Close, and then exit from the Computer Management window.
    12. Restart the Windows, and then log on as the new user that you created with the user ID and the password.
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    Re: Issue on Desktop environment

    Restart the computer in the safe mood windows option; also select the option to start with the Network along with the safe mode. Check whether there is any application or the problem making problem to start the explorer or to run the explorer. Then you scan the whole system with then update Antivirus software, run the Microsoft update or the windows update which is situated inbuilt in your machine. And after getting the updates of the windows apply them. I also suggest you do the Windows Defender or the System Configuration Utility which will check the startup program, whether there is any problem on the startup of the windows. You can do this by pressing the CTRL+ALT+Delete, which will open the task manager window, right click on the explorer.exe and select the End process. If after that the explore will start automatically then make sure that there is no problem in the windows explorer. Then you have to use the Windows Defender or the System Configuration Utility in the startup from the beginning of the process execution in the machine. I hope this will help you.

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