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Thread: PC Sound Options problem in Fallout New Vegas

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    PC Sound Options problem in Fallout New Vegas

    It seems like my machine is simply not playing the sound files when it should. At the time of playing the game when I fire the gun there is no sound for the 30 or the 30+ seconds. And in this If I press the ESC to bring the menu and then I am able to hear the gun fire. Non player character’s same deal but nothing when I talk to them, press ESC and when I came back to the game the sound file plays. Otherwise nothing. So If you have any idea then how to solve this then please help me.

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    Re: PC Sound Options problem in Fallout New Vegas

    I am also facing the same issue and I have seen only two or three people post on it so I think it is a small bug and almost certainly if we do not discover the solution ourselves it will not ever be known. Regarding this I have tried to reinstall of all sound drivers and video drivers, codex, completely taking sound card out and reinstalling from scratch and I have also used the USB headphone that uses the different drivers but in last you have not able to get any of the success regarding this . I have also reinstalled the NV and Steam. If you have any solution in order to fix this issue then please help me.

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    Re: PC Sound Options problem in Fallout New Vegas

    The ESC thing seems to influence a bunch of stuff, including sound. And I also got stuck on to the doc’s couch after the ink blot test and also was not able to get off until I hit the ESC. It makes me wonder if the animation bugs and sounds bugs are related. So I think you got that what I mean to say here. So only this much I know regarding this then if you want then you can also take the help from its official web site.

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    Re: PC Sound Options problem in Fallout New Vegas

    I am also facing the similar kind of issue. And Fallout New Vegas it looks o have a great deal of trouble related to the audio system. For example, my character will come up to a non-unique NPC, I will see their mouth move, but no sound I am able to hear. Similarly, exclusive NPCs will sometimes not speak in sync with their lips and gesticulations. And also sounds like the gun shots seem to que up, rather than the play at once. Sometimes these sounds play a great deal later, instead of the moment when they are made. In this I have also feel the drop outs and the stuttering also. Tell me any solution of this.

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    Re: PC Sound Options problem in Fallout New Vegas

    Like others I am also facing the same issue which is related to the sound effect. So please help me on this my version is a Steam pre-load version. And in this:
    • Fallout 3 works perfectly, as does every other game I have installed on this rig.
    • The innovative character creation sequence was extremely stuttering and shows the similar symptoms.
    • My unique effort to start the game after initial cut scene hung and forced me to restart game

    Please anybody have any idea then please make this to work for us.

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    Re: PC Sound Options problem in Fallout New Vegas

    There is one solution you just check for this. I have also faced this issue with the doc and the fan which is spinning at the 1 frame per week. Make sure to observe if you have FFDSHOW installed, you are able to either add an exception or remove the codec all together in add/remove programs under the control panel. And if you got the solution related to your issue then please let me inform here.

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    Re: PC Sound Options problem in Fallout New Vegas

    I have the exact same problem as NAKKIRAN!And it is really frustrating,since i tried everything so far to fix this,but it simply doesn't respond to anything!
    If anyone got the solution on this,please post it here.I can't stand watching my friends playing this game,and im still not!
    Thanks and much appreciated!

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    Re: PC Sound Options problem in Fallout New Vegas

    I had the same problem... no NPC sound, general sync issues with sound, some visual delays and more.
    I found a solution for Windows XP hopefully it will also work for Windows 7.

    here it goes:
    1. load the game
    2. after the game starts press alt-tab to switch back to windows
    3. load the windows Task Manager (CTRL-ALT-DELETE)
    4. choose the FALLOUT process (i think FALLOUTNV)
    5. set the process priority to high

    this should solve the problem. please leave a post here if it worked for you and if you have found a more elegant solution.

    Good luck

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    Re: PC Sound Options problem in Fallout New Vegas

    Joined the forum just to provide this fix, as I was looking for a solution after installing some mods.

    This is kinda a shaky solution as it permanently sets the game to one processor, but it seemed to fix this for me. It made me afraid to think of getting like a 200 sound backlog that would crash when all sounds play at once so I worked out this fix.


    Open up your game folder in steam or program files.
    Right click falloutnv.exe
    click properties
    click compatibility tab
    click run in compatibility mode for win 95
    (also disabling visual themes helps the game run more stable while you are there)

    Also, I use NVSE and FOMM and the compatibility change still applies when accessing the program through other launchers.

    Hope this helps guys. The FFdshow fix did nothing to help it. My problem was exactly the same as what was described here. I am quite sure this could help with the OPs problem, although the one core thing may require to play on lower video settings
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