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Thread: Video encoding cluster?

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    Video encoding cluster?

    Recently bought a HP computer with the Windows Vista operating system, which is appreciated me fine with it performance. Basically I worked in my home and sometimes in my office. I use the computer to share the file throughout the network. I directly encode the media file into the vob file. I am using the Autodesk's Cleaner XL, to encode the formats like , Mpg, FLV, MP4 and WMV. I had used a cluster in one of the Linux file. Now I want to apply any file which will help me to encode the video file into my windows computer. Is there any video encoding program to reduce the encoding time of the video via the local network by the small scale cluster? Also any information about the video cluster will be appreciated…….

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    Re: Video encoding cluster?

    The media encoding cluster is a open source program which is written in the code of C and C++ program. This cluster is used for the distributive media files(audio and video). It uses a lightweight end to end encoding process for the power of the regular PC in the purpose of the distributing the high compressed media files, mainly for the MPEG4 and the H.264 file. It used to distribute the transfer or to share the video file throughout the network, for getting it from the different nodes of the client, it is a good one to reduce the per file encoding time. So, is suggest you to go for the Media Encoding Cluster, to reduce the time of the file encoding while it sharing into the network.

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    Re: Video encoding cluster?

    In my opinion I think you should go for the combination of the ffmpeg and the Mipeg tool to reduce the file encoding time. These both are based on the Phython script. In the windows machine you can able to create any script which will run in the various format. From the developers of the media encoder they said that the maximum number fo the file and the source file are having the command line arguments like the media information of the file, and then the machines are used to split the file into more number of the frames. The source files are ever ports of the Linux and the OSX machines. But to apply the script you have to make the custom configuration.

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    Re: Video encoding cluster?

    I make a parallel encoding for the X264, which can distribute the file into the many computers within the same network. But I did not make any benchmarking into the system. But it gives me the better performance into run in the computer, which is designed as a extreme portable. I manage a agent for the all the computer to be working. All are working fin in the central computer. I test it by run in the windows 64-bit machine also in the 64-bit Linux machine and also in the Intel MAC Mini. Gives the same result. Any idea about this?

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    star Video encoding cluster?

    Video coding is the field in electrical engineering and computer science that deals with representation of video data, for storage and/or transmission, for both analog and digital video. Though video coding is often considered to be only for natural video, it can also be applied to synthetic Computer generated video, i.e., graphics. Many representations take advantage of features of the Human Visual System to achieve an efficient representation.Windows Defender

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