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Thread: How to print PDF file that’s been password encrypted???

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    How to print PDF file that’s been password encrypted???

    I have created a PDF file for my project and for that I have assigned encrypted password by using a software use for encrypting the files for the security purpose. Now I have to take a print out this file. But I noticed that the print command is grayed out the while printing. I think this document which is encrypted is preventing from the taking print. If anyone knows how to take get the print out of the PDF file then please tell me.

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    Re: How to print PDF file that’s been password encrypted???

    I have search regarding your question I come to know that we can apply two password for PDF. The one is owner password and another one is user password. There is lot difference between these two, that is in owner password you get full access of that file and also can take the print out without any restriction. Even the printing option is disable you can take the print out. And in the user password you get only access of the documents and you are having the some restrictions like disable printing and other. So check is you have owner password or user password then try to take print.

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    Re: How to print PDF file that’s been password encrypted???

    As you have written that you have used software encrypting the file. I am sure a lock symbol is appearing on your screen, that indicates the file is not allowing you to take the print out. I think before taking the print out you should remove the password or decrypt it by the same software and then try to take out the print.For the same thing I am using the PDF Password Remover software for my encrypted files, it is very useful for my files.

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    Re: How to print PDF file that’s been password encrypted???

    Here I have given you some steps, go through these for taking the print out.

    1. Download PDF protect from the web site to your computer
    2. Install it to your computer.
    3. After completion of installation, launch it.
    4. There is a button for opening the PDF files. Click on that button.
    5. Select the PDF file which you want.
    6. An option called security settings is located there, Select it.
    7. Click on the allow printing then select the start button .A printable version of file will open.
    8. Click on the print icon for printing the document.

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    Re: How to print PDF file that’s been password encrypted???

    When I want to take the print out for any of the PDF document then first I convert it to the word format and then from word format I take the print out. I have a software which is use to convert the Adobe reader PDF file format to the word document. I think it is convenient for taking the print out because sometimes print option is gets grayed in adobe at the time of printing. I hope this is helpful to you.

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    Re: How to print PDF file that’s been password encrypted???

    You can print the encrypted file by using adobe acrobat or by using PDF secure. Open the program then in “file” menu click on the “open” option, look for your PDF document and select the "open" button. There is an option named “advance”, which is use for the advance setting click on it, a list of options for “security” will come, in that select the option “encrypt with password”, type the password. And then uncheck the box in front of “restrict editing and printing”, option in the “permission” tab and then click on the “OK”. After all this select the print option from the file menu and adjust the print settings.

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    Re: How to print PDF file that’s been password encrypted???

    As we all know ,pdf can be protected by pdf password and pdf restriction including copying,printing ,editing etc.Now i can remove all of this usd advanced pdf password 5.0 in seconds,but if you want to do this,make sure you have the right to remove or edit ebooks

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